My Dilemna

I am blessed.

That is blessed with a baby boy that has naturally been a good sleeper. He is adaptable to any sleep environment and since two weeks old has been the child who only wakes to eat and goes right back down at night.

Now with that being said in the past two weeks he has started sleeping through the night (8 plus hours) occasionally. Wonderful! This means I have been getting up once a night to feed him because he still sleeps between 11-12 hours a night and on the other nights it is only two times (it has been this way since 6 weeks old). I am really happy that he is naturally starting to sleep longer stretches but last night we hit a dilemna with my sleep versus my comfort.

If you have ever been the mom that exclusively breastfeeds your baby with no pumping then you know that when your child starts to stretch out their sleep you get the joy of the painful, leaky engorged mess that comes with that. So even though my son is sleeping longer I don’t get more sleep because before he even awakes I am awaken by my own body.

So last night David went down without much fuss at 7:30pm and I was excited because it meant more relaxation time with my husband. Now I was looking forward to David sleeping until 3am at the earliest but lately it has been as late as 5am. My hope that it will become his normal schedule so my body get use to him sleeping that long so I don’t have the pain and the mess. I went to bed around 10pm and at 11:35pm I get startled awake from a beautiful sleep to my son crying. I lay there trying to decide if he can put himself back to sleep or if he needs assistance but hopefully no feeding. I finally decide after 5 minutes to head in to give him his ducky wubbanub and he fell instantly back asleep.

BUT just as I was falling back asleep he started crying again at midnight. So I walked down the hall to get my husband because in my mind David shouldn’t need to eat, he can last until at the earliest 3am and after all I really want my supplies to get to use to the long stretches so the pain and leaking goes away. My wonderful husband goes in to calm my son down but after 15 minutes my son is still awake and fussing. So I give in and go feed him. My son goes to sleep after his full night time feed. He only wakes up once more to eat before morning.

So the dilemna as stated above is in the future do I continue to “try” hold out if he awakens early in the night or just give in. I have to decide if I want to give up an hour of sleep so that I can attempt to let my supply get use to long stretches at night. Or do I keep my sleep and deal with the painful, leaky engorgement on the nights that my son gives me long stretches. I haven’t really decided what I will do next time but I do know for sure that I will hit this dilemna again.



3 thoughts on “My Dilemna

  1. Maybe he’s going through growth spurts and needs the extra milk? Besides breast milk is easily digestible so it makes sense that he would get hungry faster. Letting your milk “get used” to the idea of long stretches like that can be tricky. If he starts doing long stretches consistently and your body adjusts to that, you could potentially lose a lot of milk. I would definitely recommend pumping once or twice at night. My son never took a bottle so I ended up donating over 3000 ounces from what I pumped at night.

    He nursed on and off throughout the night when he was younger and now that he’s 17 months he’s at two feedings, usually. But I co-sleep so he just rolls over and helps himself. Lol

    Good luck!

    – Kai


    1. He actually might be going through a growth spurt because today he has eaten every two hours and usually he is every three. And thanks for the advice to watch the milk as I hope to nurse at the minimum a year. We can’t co-sleep because of pets on the bed but sometimes I think it would be easier to nurse at night in bed!


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