Today I didn’t do any laundry and I loved it. What a little thing as a mom to enjoy but for me it was glorious. I am must do laundry Monday, Wednesday and Friday because I have chosen to cloth diaper my son and that means regular laundry.

What is funny is that I love my cloth diapers but just get tired because I  am usually doing my husband and my laundry on Tuesday and Thursday so it is a full week process. Also, last weekend I thought I would have a full weekend off of laundry and to no avail as my dog, Samson, decided to throw up on my bed which meant everything from the down comforter to the mattress cover had to be washed right away.

Just a little thought on my weekly chores. My mom actually suggested to use disposables for a week to give myself a break from all the laundry. It is good advice that I might take up on if I get too exhausted. I do love my mom’s advice.


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