Pink Take Over


This past weekend I got the honor of being able to host a friend’s baby shower in my home. We were celebrating her coming little girl which meant that my house turned pink! I was very excited as I am surrounded by boys (my son, my husband and my two dogs). I had wanted a girl before I found out that I was having David now, of course, I wouldn’t trade David for a girl but it was fun to have my house decorated pink for a few hours.

I wasn’t the only host of the shower but there was four of us working together. If you are ever hosting a shower I would recommend sharing the duty with friends. It made the setup and take down easy and combining of our minds made the event perfect. I opened my home, helped with games, and provided some snacks and drinks. Another friend coordinated the RSVPs and invitations, helped with games and brought delicious pink cupcakes. And lastly, the decorations were provided by two college friends of the mom-to-be. They did an excellent job as they made a beautiful wreath, a baby sign, and poms to put all around. They also picked up beautiful flowers from the farmers market down the street.



A few of the snack items I provided are Strawberry Lemonade and Mini Fruit Pizzas.  I love trying new recipes and making things from scratch so for the Strawberry Lemonade combined a few different recipes I found online to make my own. I used a whole pint of strawberries that a pureed in the blender, I made two cups of a simple syrup and squeezed juice from 12 lemons. Then with the help of my husband’s taste bud I mixed it together until it was the right balance of strawberry and lemonade. Then right before I set it out for the party I added slices of strawberries to it. It was a perfect color for the shower and was all gone by the end of the celebration.

DSC_0897         DSC_0896

The other snack I provided, mini fruit pizzas, was an idea I had found on Pinterest and thought this was a perfect opportunity to try it out. I love my family’s recipe of fruit pizza even though we usually just use store bought Pillsbury sugar dough for the crust. So I combined my family cream cheese frosting recipe with the from scratch sugar cookie recipe from the Pin and it turned out perfect. For the fruit topping I cut up strawberries, kiwis, oranges and then added whole raspberries and blueberries. Again it was a hit as there was only one sugar cookie left over.

DSC_0991The shower was beautiful and fun. We played three games: the tray game, pin the diaper on the balloon blindfolded, and a word search. Then the mom-to-be opened her gifts and we ended with giving her an encouragement board with words, quotes, devotions that the guests and hosts had provided. I hope the mom-to-be felt the love from all her guests. I look forward to meeting her coming baby girl in the coming months.



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