Another First

My little man is growing too fast. I know that babies do that but when it is your own it just seems to never stop. I love watching David sitting up, rolling around, babbling but he has been doing those for a few weeks now. But just last night I found that his first tooth popped through! Very exciting but that means my little man is so close to wanting solid foods which a big step in the direction of becoming a toddler.

The new tooth also surprised me as he hasn’t been that cranky or grumpy. He has been going to bed earlier then normal and waking up early. Although last night he routine went back to normal. He also slept t a lot of Saturday and Sunday. And he was drooling a lot but he has done that since he was about 3 months old. Also, chewing everything in site but again a baby move that he has done since 3 months old. So if bedtime changes are the only sign that my little man has a tooth coming through WP_20150731_014I will take it!

He did enjoy sucking on a raw carrot on Friday night which I read after the fact can help when a tooth is coming through. He was so cute with it in his mouth. Now I did hold on to the end so he didn’t pull it too far into his mouth but he enjoy it. We were outside enjoying the weather while my husband played volleyball. David got to enjoy the sand and dirt as you can see from his feet in the dirt. He is really is all boy and I can see the dirt, the balls, the dogs, and so much more happening in the future. I love my little man but will miss his toothless grin once this tooth is fully out.

What are some of your little ones first that made you excited but at the same time made you realize how fast they were growing up?


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