David’s Nook

When we were expecting our little man we didn’t set up the nursery because we were pretty positive we would be moving before he was three months old. So instead I created David’s Nook. In the first house we lived in, before he was born, I included his rocking chair, changing table and pack and play. Also, his book collection, burp clothes, blankets, and the essential diapers and wipes. It was the one place that was well organized and was welcoming for our baby boy. Doesn’t it look wonderful, please excuse the poor photography skill.

WP_20150124_003Sadly to say we didn’t even make it three months in this house before moving. Due to foundation damage in the master bedroom we were let out of our lease and moved to our current house when David was six weeks old. This meant that I could fully set up his nursery now! But I had so enjoyed his nook that I still created it in our current living room.

David’s New Nook now still has a lot of his old items likeDSC_0996 his book collection that has doubled in size. We also still kept his pack and play as it is a great place to drop him when I have to do the laundry or get the door without having to worry about the dogs running him over. But we have moved his changing pad and diapers into his nursery as well as the rocking chair. Then we added his play mat that he absolutely loves although at this moment he moves off it within a few minutes of putting him down. He is so close to crawling but is still content with moving by just rolling or scooching. We also have added a swing as that is his favorite place to nap in the afternoon. He will give me either one three hour nap or two separate naps in the afternoon in his swing normally.

From the above photo you can see that the dogs enjoy David’s Nook as well. I have to continually place David’s toys back in the green bins or the dogs will steal them when I take David away. I love having a well organized place for all David’s stuff and it is a great area that hopefully he will enjoy playing with as he continues to grow. I am told that soon it won’t stay as clean once he can move more and pull things out.


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