So on Tuesday of this week I had an disturbance in my set schedule that made me stop and think about what are priorities in my life. I walked away from the disturbance thinking if I should let myself be frustrated or accept what/who God puts in my life.

I have since David was born made him a priority over house work, cooking, and my creativity. I did make sure I got a shower and dressed for the day no matter what but I choose to sit and hold my sleeping baby many a time over doing chores. I think that was/is a right priority.

What happened Tuesday reminded me of a story my pastor told a few Sundays ago. He said he was walking out of Starbucks when he over heard a comment about the beautiful sunrise and just mentioned casually that it wasn’t man made. The two men responded to him asking what he meant by that. He chose to sit down to talk to these men instead of rushing to his meeting. He said that we have to take the opportunities God gives us even if they may change up our plans. That sermon was covering Colossians 4:5-6, “Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.  Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.”

My disturbance was with my neighbors that I just started to get to know. We have run into each other while I am getting the mail with David or when we are coming home from shopping. But this specific morning wasn’t just a lazy time that I was casually running into them but I was trying to get my workout in by walking David at a very brisk speed. I also was attempting to get David to go to sleep at the same time. This was my multitasking item for the day. Most new moms know the focus of trying to lose the baby weight so exercise is usually a top priority. It hasn’t been my priority because I think our society focuses too much on physical looks but I still want to get back in shape and be healthy for my family.

So while I was “exercising” my neighbor decided to specifically come out to say hi and see my little man. This meant pausing my exercise which I hoped meant only for 5 minutes because I had a tight timeline this morning as I had Bible Study at 10pm and still had to get ready for the day. Well 5 minutes turned into 25 minutes which meant no more exercising but straight home to change and head to Bible Study. It has been very nice getting to know them, their family and the neighborhood. But I had to remind myself that God must have wanted me to share my time with them this morning more then losing my baby weight.

In our society losing weight is usually a high prioroity but I think that might be a misplaced one. I think taking care of my little man, my husband, Bible study, church, relationships, my home and even my dogs should be higher then exercising. And apparently God thinks both old and new relationships are more important. I know I will most likely be stopped again by my neighbors. And I pray that I will get to continue to develop that relationship. I do believe that relationships are more important then how I look physically.

It is a good reminder of what I make as my priorities. Today I thank God for giving me grace in the moment to not rush on with my own schedule but to pause what I was doing and walk away with grace not grudgingly for missing my exercise. There is always another time and day to do that.

Has God ever stopped you in the midst of your very planned day?


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