No David!!

I love to read today and I already have a great library for him due to the fact the my family likes to give books too. I actually started reading to him before he was born. I try to do my best to talk and read to him to help him have a great vocabulary. We read at least one book a day.

WP_20150621_003 (2)So one book that is adorable and perfect for my little man is “No David” by David Shannon. It is a very cute book about a boy named David whose mother always says, “No, David.” It might not be the best book to read once David understands what is happening in the book. But I am reading it to him right now then I will pause for a few years as it gives little boys some ideas that they might figure out on their own.

This past week I was reading it to my David whose loves books and has already started helping turn pages. So I was in the middle of the book when David grabs a page and twists. In an instant the corner of the page ripped off and I yelled “No David!” Then I started laughing because it was so perfect. My husband came over with scotch tape and I fixed it. But I think about future readings when I can tell my little man that story.

Such cute memories. Oh and by the way I rarely say “No David” right now but I know we will eventually.


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