My Mommy Day

If you want some laughs here are the highlights of yesterday.

My normally twelve hour sleeping baby woke up at 6:30am after just sleeping 9 hours. Joy! Oh and he had waken about every 2-3 hours through the night. Felt like I was back at newborn stage.

Then due to him waking early he was hungry at 8:30amWP_20150429_004 so I laid back on my bed to feed him. He almost promptly fell asleep which was adorable. But then my husband, who was out building a fence, came in and my dogs went crazy. Then after my husband went back outside my beagle, Dylan, ran to the window barking and my Catahoula/lab mix, Samson, wandered into the master bath (the door swings close on its own) and gets stuck in the bathroom. So I sent the following text to my husband, “Dylan is barking, Sam is stuck in the bathroom and David has been sleeping on my chest. Such is my life.”

Then this afternoon after feeding David at 2pm he decides to roll over and right up to my chest. He promptly spits up quite a bit all the way down my shirt onto my skirt and the couch. He somehow misses himself completely. So I go change my shirt.

Next David has it twice a week poop while my husband was holding him but since we cloth diaper he hands him off to me. So I go in to change him but we are down to one wipe in the container which I didn’t realize until after the diaper was undone. David is kicking and laughing so he is getting poop on his toes, hands, and legs. Finally I call for my husband because guess what? I have poop on my hands, arms and my SHIRT. He holds David done while I find the new wipes in the draw (I luckily always keep them on hand but still hard to get out when changing a baby). We get David all cleaned up and down for his nap. I go change my shirt AGAIN. Luckily it did make that all day.

Then after the nap and I was feeding David again I realized I didn’t get all the poop so off to a bath we go. I actually enjoy baths with my little man. He is fun to play with.

Oh and it was the day my little man is working on cutting his second tooth. So it has been a feeding every two hours and fussy for him day. And it took over an hour getting him down last night. But he was sweet and touching my chin and playing nicely with my hair half the time.

Bedtime was at 9pm. An early night is ok when you need it.

P.S. I told my mom the spit and poop story yesterday and she laughed at it. Said she needed to laugh. It is funny looking back at it now.


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