WP_20150809_014This is a relatively quick post because my parents are still in town enjoying their grandson. I am blessed to have such wonderful grandparents to my little man. His grandma spent some time reading to him which is one of his favorite activities and hers. She also took him on walks, tried to help put him down, picked outfits for him to wear, and played with him.

His grandpa also enjoyed making him laugh at times. Watching him playing with his shape sorter and played with his stuffed Llama Llama with him. Such fun memories for him to look back on someday in the pictures that have been taken.

I will say it did take a day or two for my little man to get used to him grandparents on this visit. He has become more attached to those he are familiar with. Hopefully we will be able to see them enough that he will warm up to them faster as he grows up. There is such joy in watching my parents being grandparents.

Now off to enjoy the final hours with them.


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