DIY Nursery Decor

My little man’s nursery was so fun decorating which happened after his birth as we moved when he was 6 weeks old so we never set up the nursery in his first home. I will share more posts on what else is in his nursery but today is one of my DIY nursery décor.

When you are expecting your first child most people are blessed with showers from friends and family where you receive cards and gifts. I was blessed with showers both in Arizona with our family and in Washington with our friends. I saved all the adorable cards that were received with the gifts but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.

I could save them as they were, scrapbook them for him,  throw them out or find something creative to do with them. I was pretty sure that my little man wouldn’t care too much for them when he got older and I didn’t want them sitting around collecting dust.  I used a select few in this scrapbook of all his showers but cards make scrapbooks really thick if you use to many so that didn’t even touch half of them. I didn’t want to through them out. So I landed on finding a creative way to use them.

So I found a cute idea on Pinterest. It had you cut out shapes from the front of the cards and then place them on a paper in rows to frame. I debated between hearts or triangles for the shapes. Hearts would be for the love that was given with each and triangles would have been because the quilt I made from his was all triangles. I decided on the heart shape. I tried to find a shape cutter in the size and shape I wanted but they were all too small so I decided to make my own pattern. Hearts are easy to make a pattern with because you fold the paper in half and draw half a heart then cut it out. This makes a perfectly shaped heart just the size and shape that is desired. You also have creative control over if you want a really sharp heart, a round one, a skinny or fat one. You get to choose.

I then choose which area of the cards I wanted to have as the center of the heart. I traced the heart and then cut them out. Then I went to find the right size frame. If you make this you can choose any size you want based on the number of cards you have to use. I went with a 11×16 white frame and a bought a turquoise thin poster board to glue them on to that I trimmed to size. Pick a color that will make your cards pop out. Then I used tacky Aleene’s Tacky Glue to place the hearts. I am not a perfectionist so I didn’t get the rows completely straight but I do love how it turned out though!

Baby Shower Nursery Décor

This is a great addition to my little man’s nursery. It was super easy to do and I did it while he was taking his naps. That is when I get time to do my Bible study, my crafts and my blogging done. Now I wish I had found this idea for my wedding cards as well as they are in a scrapbook with just them and it is super thick. For the future I will remember I can make this out of any cards we receive such as birthday, Christmas, thank you cards, etc. This is a great way to be creative and add a personal touch to a room.


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