Thoughts in the Night

The past two nights I have been catching up on sleep that I have lost between family and friends visiting and my little man cutting his second tooth. He cut his first tooth a little over a week before his second one. He didn’t have any trouble for the first one and it was quite a surprise for me but the next week and half brought on some sleep changes due to teething. Well he finally cut his second tooth on Tuesday morning. It was a relief for him and for me. He has been back to his happy self and a good sleeper.

So last night he went down for bed at 7:30pm. He went right to sleep after nursing and didn’t make a peep while I was still awake. I went to bed a bit before 10pm and was awaken by him crying at 11pm which is a little early for him. I also was pretty sound a sleep. But I went to feed him regardless of the time. He then slept very well until 4:30am.

As I sat down to feed him the second time I thought about how I was wishing he would go back to his one wake up nights. So I started thinking about the past week when there were nights that I was up 3-4 times in a very short period of time. The only thing that soothed him was nursing even if he had just been up an hour ago. I had one night that he was up every hour until 2am and then slept the rest of the night. I should be thankful then to just be up twice a night again, right?

Sweet Moment during a nap a few months back
Sweet Moment during a nap a few months back

But if you read my post about “my dilemna” that to me. I will admit I am also a little worried about engorgement once he returns to once a night wake ups. So I realized I need to just let him adjust his sleep again on his time and not rush anything.

Then I thought about how short this time is when you think about his lifetime. Hopefully it will only be a year of night nursing at the longest but even if it is longer it is still a short time in his life and in mine. I think looking at the big picture allows you to enjoy the moments.

After that I sat there watching his little hand wander back and forth on my chest and stared at his little feet that were crossed over one another. I then remembered that I won’t always be his world like I am now. He won’t always be this small to snuggle in by me. He won’t need me for nourishment some day like he does now. Eventually he will grow independent and I might wish for these snuggles he gives me at night right now.

So for now I will treasure my quiet moments in the middle of the night with just my little man. I know he will sleep longer stretches because he has done so and he enjoys his sleep like his mom. He is my twelve hour boy because that is how long he is in bed each night total sleeping usually from 8 to 8. I love my little man and will do what is best for him.


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