View of the World

While my mother was in town last weekend she mentioned trying to take pictures from the view of a baby. We discussed what that might look like and attempted some shots. I didn’t seem very impressed with it while I was trying to do it. But now looking back the picture of my mom does have a different view then I have of her on a daily basis.

Attempting to capture David's view of grandma
Attempting to capture David’s view of grandma

But then the thought popped back into my mind again yesterday as I was getting ready for the day and had put David down on the floor sitting up. He got this look of awe on his face as he stared up at the bathroom. As I stared at that look it reminded me of the look I got when I walked into the Sydney Opera House and stared at the intricate design and size of it. It also is what I imagined looking like if I saw the cathedrals over in Europe or possibly walking into Carnegie Hall. It is the look of seeing something so much more grand or larger then you thought.

So I decided to take a picture of my view of the bathroom. And it seemed so normal and not impressive. I see it every day and it is built with some my size in mind so I don’t notice it very much.

My view
My view

Then I got down to David’s level and shot a few pictures from his view. It did remind me of how big our house and every day normal features look to him. He probably thinks of them just like I did of Sydney Opera House.  To my little man this house is made for giants.

Corner of the bathroom for his view
The counter from my little man’s view
The shower and ceiling from my little man’s view

After trying this experiment I wish I was more of an artist and I would create a project of the view of the world from a baby’s perspective. I think that would be fun to put together and show in a gallery or make a book. Maybe someday my sister, who is a great photographer, can be inspired to do something like that. Or my mom mentioned trying to capture a baby’s view on camera and she could do it as she is creative and an artist as well.

For the mean time we all can just remember to get down on their level from time to time and see what they see of our world. If only we all took the time to see everyday items as wondrous as they did. I am sure our lives wouldn’t be boring or dull.


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