DIY Picture Board

So I have shown what I did with my little man’s cards that he received from his showers. Now I will show you what I do with my Christmas card pictures. I love receiving Christmas cards because it allows me to see how my friends have grown through the year and hear about their lives. I moved around growing up and have moved since being married so I have friends from all over that I love receiving their cards. But my husband always thinks it is funny if I just put the full Christmas card pictures up on the wall the entire year so I had to come up with a creative way to display them.

So first thing I did was choose select ones  and put adhesive magnetic sheet on the back of them. I plan on keeping the magnetic sheet always in the house so when I receive baby announcements and once my little man brings crafts home I can easily and quickly put them on my fridge.  I didn’t want to do it with all the photos but the ones I did use made my fridge personal with the smiling faces of my friends.

Then I created a DIY picture board for the rest of my Christmas photos plus some pictures.

My Christmas card pictures

I created the board by buying cork board, a yard of fabric, ribbon, buttons, and batting. Instead of a cork board you can use a bulletin board, a canvas, or a piece of wood. I just went with what I liked best at the craft store and was the right size for me. Then I placed the batting and the yard of fabric over the board using a nail gun. My husband already owned the nail gun so I didn’t have to purchase that.  Then I added the ribbon with the nail gun too in the spacing I liked. I did get the opinion of my husband to make sure they were lined up right. Lastly I sewed the buttons on the ribbons where they crossed.

My husband mentioned while I was making it how crafty I was and he wished he could be more so. I love how it turned out. It works great right outside of my kitchen and matches my primary colors there which are yellow and blue. I added the pictures and the ribbon holds most of them up nicely but I did have to add decorative cloth pins for some.

I really liked how it turned out. And I look forward to switching out the photos each year. What do you do with Christmas photos? Do you throw them out or do you have a creative way to display them?


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