Six Months of Motherhood

My little man is six months old today. Well technically not until 11:57 tonight but close enough. This time six months ago I will still trying to decide if I was in labor and today I am putting my happy little man down for a nap in his swing. Oh how fast life goes with a baby!

I remember holding David for the first time while he screamed just after he was born. I thought he was so small and beautiful. Totally dependent on my husband and I to help him adjust to this world. Now I hold David and he is squirming around evening while nursing to make sure he isn’t missing anything. He loves seeing everything in the world and discovering what it has to offer. It is so much fun to see him explore through his toys, walks, and talks. He is mobile without crawling. He is trying to feed himself and become more independent each day.

I know I am trying to treasure the time with him. I always thought I would love the first few months the best because they are completely dependent on you. They just cuddle in during and after feedings. They need you to keep them warm, singing them to sleep, and figure out what is wrong. I remember just holding my little man and loving that time. After just six months I have learned to treasure each stage/month and that I love each of them the same if not the new ones just a bit more.

My little man held his head up early because he wanted to look at the world. He started moving shortly after 3 months old (just a 180 degree move but still moving) and can now get any toy on the floor. He was interested in food at 3 months but now he gets some food to play with and try to eat each meal. He has had fun with the blueberries, banana, avocados, drumstick, carrots and apples. He used to just coo now he is babbling and laughing all the time. His smiles are infectious and light up a room. He only really played with toys on his play mat at 4 months and now he sits up to dump out his shape sorter and roll all over to get any toy. I leave a room and when I come back his halfway across it.

I can see signs of his personality. He loves figuring out how things work. So he has an engineering mind like his father. He has unbuckled his overalls, he has pulled toys off his play mat, and continues to try to figure out the buckle on his swing and car seat. He is a soft spoken man (might say soft crier). He is so much quieter than other babies around. He babbling is in such a sweet voice. He is so silly and loves to laugh at his mama and himself. I heard him just laughing in his room one morning. He also thinks his dad is funny. He is half extrovert and half introvert very much like his father. He likes people but usually smiles then buries his head in my shoulder. I am glad to see a lot of his father in him.

There are things I already want to teach him. I read books to him in hopes that he learns to love reading and develops his language. I want to teach him perseverance as he face plants to cry when a toy is just out of reach. I want to tell him stories to he knows where and who he comes from. And I want to teach him the love of the Lord so he can see the truth in my life.

I have had my struggles and my joys in the last six months. I struggled with breastfeeding the first month. I struggles with weighing all the professional opinions on babies and figuring out what works for David. We moved unexpectedly. We have traveled multiple times already. I fought for him to be on my schedule a few times and realized living with no expectations was the best. Finding joy in my easy baby as he sleeps so well, figured out nights early and is adaptable. And no matter how the night or day as gone each time I see his huge smile I love him more.

I am thankful for the blessing of my firstborn and looking forward to the next six months and many more years ahead of us.

Sorry for no pictures my computer was acting up plus my husband and I are trying to decide how many pictures of my little man we want on the internet. What are your memories of motherhood? Your joys and struggles?


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