Black Out Curtians

Summers up here in the Pacific Northwest means sunrise around 5am and sunset closer to 10pm. This makes it hard to get a baby that understands that dark means to sleep all night to go down and stay asleep. So I had to find a solution so my twelve hour baby would sleep wonderfully at night starting at 8pm.

So I made my own black out curtains. I did some research to see if I could just buy some to make it simple because we had just returned from Arizona and needed them ASAP. But I didn’t find any that fit David’s theme of primary colors. So I went fabric shopping. This is what I ended up making.

David’s black out curtains over his dresser/changing table

So I find some adorable red, white and blue striped material at a reasonable price. I could have had a more perfect fit but I refused to pay the additionalWP_20150814_012 WP_20150814_0117 dollars per yard. I also bought black out backing. I brought them both home to cut, sew and hang. I basically just cut the material in half then  and centered the backing. It is nice that the back is automatically made skinnier then the curtain material. So then I sewed up both sides to attach it to the backing. Then I decide how long it needed to be for the pole and sewed the up. Then I hemed the bottom at the right length for the window.

No pattern needed and you don’t need to be a professional seamstress just able to sew straight lines. I have made other curtains in the house for my husband’s office and guest room. It adds personality to a room and I made it in an afternoon while David was sleeping.

I love having the personal touches in his nursery. And it allowed my little man to sleep his normal twelve hours 8pm to 8am all summer long which provided us all with rest.


One thought on “Black Out Curtians

  1. Wow, great job!! I love this! I bought my daughter some black ones with a pink glittery over top and I think making them would be so much more fun! Great work!


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