So my husband has wanted a truck specifically either the Toyota Tacoma or Tundra since before I met him. But since getting married I have said that if he wants a new vehicle we have to be able to pay cash for it. We do our best to follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace wisdom and it is really nice not having a car payment. We are also debt free at the moment and the only debt we plan on incurring again is for a house someday.

But my husband started researching trucks again this week and wanted to go test drive. So off we went with little man in tow last night. He drove the Tacoma the longest but decided quickly he wanted the Tundra. Probably the reason he shortened the test drive for the Tundra was little man was in middle of a fit. He was fine if the truck was stopped and he was out of it but halfway through the first test drive of the Tacoma he was done.

Well after the test drive, of course, the salesman wants to talk numbers. This is my least favorite time because I don’t always believe everything they say. But we listened except it took him like 10 minutes or more every time he left to go print something so we sped it up as it hit little man’s bed time. I was ready for some relaxation after the day. I love my little man but my hour after he goes to bed is very sweet.

So now my husband has to decide how bad he really wants a truck, if he would use it or if we should just save our money. I told him he can take 6 months or a year to decided. It doesn’t have to be a quick decision. He did find it funny that up here in Pacific Northwest there is only 7-10 Tundras at each Toyota dealership but he checked out one of the dealerships in San Antonio and they had 400 on the lot. I told him that was truck country. Sometimes I do miss Texas!

Any decisions your are thinking about right now?


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