That Kind of Day

So you know those days that you would really wish to just turn over in bed and stay snuggled in all day. Well today is/was that kind of day for me. But as a mommy, we all know, that kind of day isn’t possible. There is a little one requiring constant attention and is possibly the reason for wanting to stay  in bed too!

So first reason is that it was 61 degrees this morning in the main part of the house. That is like fall/winter weather to me. But a chilly morning after some heat waves and summer weather really makes the desire to stay under the covers very  strong. On top of that I got awaken by my neighbor’s dog barking for over 5 minutes causing our dogs to want to bark waking my little man. Though I am blessed with a baby that likes to roll around in his crib for 15-30 minutes before being ready for the day.

The second reason is my baby never gave me a 3 hour stretch of sleep since the one time he slept four hours I stayed up 2 hours into that as is my normal routine to go to bed at 10pm. He went down easily at 8pm but then was up a midnight which is only a bit earlier then his normal first feeding. That was the quick easy feed and perfectly sweet. But then he woke at 3am and 6am. Exhausting!

But a third reason that I just want to do nothing is because the last two wake ups in the night weren’t the sweet snuggle in nurse and back to bed quickly. Due to my milk not being use to three wake ups for feeding and definitely not that close together during the night my milk wasn’t easily accessible for my little man. Which meant an hour of being awake at 3am. The process was try to feed him which meant he would latch then within seconds pull off and cry. This would happen on both sides about 3-4 times. Then I put him back in the crib which only lasted 10 minutes of crying before I came back into the room to try feeding again. Finally he actually latched and stayed! But I was fully awake which meant longer for me to go back to sleep. Then he was up at 6am and the process started again: latch, pull off, cry. That only took 10 minutes before he finally became content on one side.

That was so not my usual baby so I am hoping that is part of his 6 month growth spurt. But time will only tell. Lets hope that means he will sleep a lot in the coming days because he only took an hour and half nap yesterday. So he was off and on fussy all evening.

Another reason is my beagle puppy is trying to steal EVERY single one of David’s toys. It is SO frustrating to have to pick up all the toys whenever I have to go change David, feed David or try to do anything away from the toys. And it has gotten progressively worse because he is trying new toys that he hadn’t touched before. It use to be just stuffed toys now it is the shape sorter, the stacking cups, and everything else. Ugh!

I kind of just want to go get a treat like ice cream or really tasty chocolate dessert and drive David around till he sleeps so I can have a little break. Kind of like a mommy break. I might get one this week as my WP_20150816_001husband is off work for the next few days. I might try a massage or pedicure or possibly running all by myself. Crazy thought.

Today I might actually take a nap while he is down too. I haven’t done that since he was under three months old. It is weird to me because my little man is usually a good sleeper and I get enough sleep but today I am half out of it. So here is to hoping tonight is better and I can a little break today of say maybe chores or cleaning although my sink is full of dishes and I have to make dinner tonight.

How do you handle days you just want to do nothing but can’t do that?



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