My Nursery Theme

One question I got a lot while pregnant and now with a infant was/is: What is your nursery theme? I know a lot of people choose one from a store and go with it or have had it decided for forever. I wasn’t one of them and as you can see I like making things myself.

So I had two main things I wanted out of a theme. I wanted to be able to start working on it before finding out the gender (even though I didn’t get to set up the nursery until after little man was born). And secondly I wanted to be able to rotate it through different genders and multiple children. I do hope to have more then just my little man!

So my theme was based around a quilt I started working on back in 2013. I had bought the book Modern Baby, Easy, Fresh, and Fun Quilt Designs. I am not the best quilter so it had to be relatively easy. I had only made one quilt previously in

My quilt on my rocking chair in David's room.
My quilt on my rocking chair in David’s room.

high school so I thought a baby quilt was a great place to start. My initial purpose was to try to hand quilt it. That went on the side once I became pregnant with my little man (my third pregnancy) and had really bad morning sickness that stuck with me almost half the pregnancy.. I ended up just tying it off the holidays before David was born.

I choose the quilt because I liked the patch work look of the colorful triangles. So each triangle is made up of 7 various shades of a color and there are seven different color triangles that make up the main triangle. Then there are four various neutral triangles that aren’t patchwork to make the main triangle really pop. It was fun picking out the various colors and I had a lot of leftover material so I will make something else with that down the road.

A friend made his name above the bed. And got a green rug and blue mesh bumper. Just a few items to coordinate with the quilt.

So from my quilt I choose the theme of bright primary colors and once I found out I was having a boy it was focused on red, blue, and yellow. I really like it because it gave me freedom in what I can purchase for the crib, rug, frames, etc. Now it was harder then you think to buy crib sheets and other items in bright colors. Most stores have the pastel light items or they are themed as in mickey mouse, trucks etc. I was a little frustrated trying to find the right colors but I found a few that I like. One thing I landed on for the changing pad cover was Doctor Seuss because he was all about the bright fun colors.

I am glad I stuck with the bright theme as it is the first colors babies start seeing after black and white. And I had fun decorating his nursery around it.

How did you choose your theme?


2 thoughts on “My Nursery Theme

  1. I chose my theme when I was shopping and I saw an entire nursery set in the same print of fabric I had used in middle school to see my first bag. I still have the bag, and the nostalgia of seeing that fabric again 15 years later was enough to get me to commit. If we have another, I’ll probably reuse the same items and make a few new things.


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