What A Day!

My two trouble makers
My two trouble makers

Today I wanted to give up on being a mom and owning dogs. Anyone else been in that situation? I have been there multiple times in the last 6 months but today I so close to giving the dogs away.

We just returned from a quick weekend trip to Chicago last night at midnight which meant I only got 7 hours of sleep. And I was tired from not getting a great night of sleep all weekend. I normally don’t sleep well in hotels. So I was tired today.

The morning was going well but as I was making lunch I moved my little man to his high chair and completely forgot about his toys until I noticed the dogs were into them. This meant a quick push out the back door so I could complete lunch and pick up the toys.

Sometime in the middle of making lunch I noticed my big dog, Samson, sitting nicely at the door. A little odd but it was drizzling outside so he probably just wanted ink. I finally got my lunch on the table and decided to let the dogs back in. Samson ran right in but searched the house like he was looking for something. So I called for my beagle dog, Dylan, who didn’t come. I thought please don’t have escaped but I ran back out front to see if I could find him in the front but didn’t see him.

Dylan is known to escape but my husband recently put up a new fence meant to keep him in. So much for that because I went back out to the backyard to see how he escaped. I saw the hole in the corner and took off around the house to find him.

Where did I find him?

In the neighbor’s yard, specifically the chicken coop that has an electric fence around the top and chicken wire all around. He had to have pushed through the chicken wire and he was down in a small pond. Oh and did I say it was drizzling?

I called and he didn’t come for about 10 minutes. David was stuck in his high chair and I ran back to get Samson on a leash to draw Dylan out and a bone.

So Samson did work. Dylan came up the hill to the fence but when I went down to lift the chicken wire to grab him I hit the electric fence with my forehead. I jumped back and let go of both dogs. I was in complete tears and just wanted to give up. I didn’t really want dogs and babies anyway.

But I love my husband and Dylan is my husband’s dogs so I couldn’t give up. I called for Samson and he came back to me immediately. I grabbed his leash under the fence and got him out. Right as I saw a chicken next to Dylan in the pond and I am pretty sure Dylan killed the chicken. I was just done with it!

I was tired. David was in the house alone and was crying. I finally found the gate and got Dylan home. I had tried calling my husband through his gym’s phone number because I needed him when Dylan was still loose.

It took a half hour to get Dylan home which when I got him there he went promptly in his kennel. I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. Completely dirty with mud and wet. And my little man needed feeding.

I calmed down by talking with my mom but I was still serious about getting rid of both dogs. Such a frustrating day.

A bright spot was  that my husband showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say sorry and thanks. I love my husband but it is still debatable if I will keep my dogs long term.

Anyone else deal with dog trouble while being a new mom? I am such an advocate of waiting for dogs until after children now. Any thoughts on how you might have dealt with the situation? Or solutions in the long term for dealing with dogs and babies?

They look sweet right now but today I wanted to get rid of them.

I am now blogging and relaxing since my baby is asleep for the night.


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