Too Smart

My little man is a little too smart.

For the last week he has been taking off his bib when he is done with dinner. Or that is what I thought. He grabs and yanks just right to get the Velcro to release. We are using Bumkins Waterproof Super Bibs because I feel the catch most of his food and are easy to reuse.

But tonight my son looked like he was done with his dinner and started pulling his bib off. I was busy cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes. Next thing I turn around and he is eating again. He emptied the bib back on to the high chair so he could continue eating.

I just say that boy is too smart!


Milestone Day

Today was a milestone day!

What is a milestone day?

It is a day when huge things happen either with myself or with  my little man. And it was quite a day.

I realized that I must admit that I am kind of adapting to the Pacific Northwest. I am enjoying the feeling of fall in the air. The leaves are changing color. The smell of fire coming from chimneys. Fresh cut grass. The weather is cooling just a bit but still warm enough in the afternoon at 70 degrees. And I just wrote that last sentence!

I moved from Arizona three years ago and thought 70 degrees was cold. Anything below that and I would have a coat. But I went to church on Sunday with just a

My DIY fall weather
My DIY fall weather

sweater and thought it was comfortable out when it was 60 degrees. Guess I am getting thicker blood from living up here.

Also, I believe I am enjoying the fall because it is still sunny and beautiful with the cooler weather. I still dread the rainy season that is about to come upon us anytime but I will still praise God for every warm sunny day he gives us. It is such a blessing.

Now onto my little man’s milestones for the day.

First he finally cut his 4th and 5th teeth. He has been working on his central upper incisors for about a week and half and they broke through today! He now has 5 teeth at 7 months. I think I am happy he is teething quickly and it is going relatively smoothly.

Second he stood up all by himself. I put him in his crib for a nap because I am trying to see if he will take naps in there. He has shortened his afternoon naps to about an hour in the swing or on me so I am curious if he would sleep longer in his crib. Well I put the dogs out back after putting him in his crib and I go to grab the video baby monitor and I see him standing up holding onto the rail.


He has been propped by me or set down by furniture by someone but never pulled himself to standing. He did quickly fall when I saw him but he can stand/pull up on his own.

Then another milestone is he then sat up all by himself in his crib. And has since been doing that the rest of the day like he has been doing it for a week.

Little Man looking out the window
Little Man looking out the window

I am happy but this means he might not just lay down easily in his bed for bedtime. But I will see how that goes in the next few nights.

After all that he ended up falling asleep on me for almost an hour. It is so sweet holding my son but I feel like I could get so much more down if he would sleep on his own. But I will try to treasure these moments because I am sure someday I will look back and realize that was the last time and I didn’t know it when it happened.

So it has been a busy day.

Have you had a milestone day?


So since before we got married my husband has picked on me and my family for being clumsy. We kind of joke too that it is in our DNA.

Now I am definitely not the clumsiest. That title goes to my older sister and I am pretty sure she wouldn’t argue with anyone. She has some great stories to tell.

For myself I have two good ones that happened in the past week and a half. My husband and I got a date last Sunday to go see The War Room. Side note: excellent movie and would highly encourage you to go. Back to my story now. But I had just gotten out of the car and we were heading into the movie theater when I went tumbling to the side almost into a car. My husband thought I just stumbled but I had landed on a round nut and almost twisted my ankle.

He laughed and I tried to compose myself feeling glad that I hadn’t hit the car too. My ankle was sore the next few days and my leg was even tender at my massage on Saturday. The joys of wearing high heels and being slightly clumsy.

My next story is today. The last three days I have been working on my yard because it is beautiful still and up here in the Pacific Northwest there is a time limit on hour long the sun will keep being beautiful. So I pulled weeds on Saturday. My husband moved dirt on Sunday. And today I was mowing and edging the yard.

We hadn’t done the yard in months so it was high. We also live out on horse acreage and we have moles or something that makes dirt piles all through the yard. So I was watching the dirt piles as I was mowing over them. But my electric mower stopped because I tripped the breaker so I went to the garage to move it to a different outlet so I could keep mowing and let my husband handle the breaker later.

Well lets just say a dirt hole got me. I was walking back across the yard to my mower when next thing I know I had my knee on the ground and was catching myself. I know I hit a soft spot of ground that had been a mole hill and hadn’t realized it. So I picked myself up and kept working in the yard.

I finished the front yard and it looks wonderful. I was really happy with myself and didn’t think I had hurt myself that bad until I hit the shower. Some how I knocked my other knee that didn’t hit the ground so hard that I have a bright purple bruise on the side and it has a hard knot in it. It looks like quite the shiner to the knee and it really hurts. Especially when you have a seven month old wanting to grab your leg all the time.

So much for accomplishing my yard work without injuring myself. Not quite sure why my husband lets me know hazardous jobs.

Here is to my clumsiness!

Me Time

I have learned as a new mom to take time for me. I love the times I get to hold my sleeping 7 month old since he fell asleep while nursing (that has happened 3 times for an hour long each this week). I love his laugh and playing with him. I definitely take time to enjoy my son but even with that I can’t forget about me.

It isn’t selfish to give yourself some time because you come back a better mom. There is a variety of ways you can have this time and I have learned it changes as the child grows.

In the first few weeks after my little man’s birth my time was basically napping because I was still learning him so I couldn’t leave him too long. And I had help from my mother and in-laws for the first two and half weeks.

Once everyone was gone I had a rough two days with multiple tears when I called my mom and she asked if I had gotten dressed for the day or taken a shower. It was past noon and I was still in my pjs holding my son. So I went a took a shower and put on make up. It was amazing how much more myself I felt.

So for the next couple of months my “me time” was just getting ready for the day even if I didn’t have any where to go. Taking a warm shower and putting on make up made me a better mom.

Another “me time” was reading books or watching a show while David was nursing. I stopped with the shows once David started trying to watch them but it gave me an outlet for myself.

Then once David had a good nap in the afternoon I started doing crafts and being creative again. I made curtains for my husband’s office and the nursery. I also made nursery décor, blankets and burp clothes for friend’s showers. I got to do a lot of things I wanted to for our house and others. I also added baking and food prep into my routine. This was my weekday “me time” while my husband was at work because I still had to be near my son.

Then once my little man was regularly going three hours between feedings I started scheduling massages occasionally on the weekend so that I could work the tension of carrying my baby all the time out of my shoulders and relax. And I got some total no baby time. My neck and shoulders thank me and I come back rested.  Also, my husband and son get a “man date” which is wonderful time for them too.

My baking me time
My baking me time

And since my little man isn’t consistent with naps at the moment so my “me time” during the week is spent in short spurts where I can do my bible study while he is down. Or I go outside and pull some weeds so that my front walk looks good.

I highly recommend to new moms to find something that is your “me time”. Whether it is just naps, Bible studies, showers, gardening, massages, reading, exercise, etc. Just do something that you did for yourself before baby. You must take care of yourself so you can spend the time you have with your children fully there.

Arizona 2013

Well as I said in my post last week that I was busy in May of 2014 and wasn’t really in my new house. Right after returning home from my family vacation I had a week and half before traveling down to Arizona for our yearly trip. That was a quick week and half due to settling a house, walking the dogs, and learning my neighborhood.

I also went into my doctor’s office to get a blood test to do a full screen on potential reasons for my two miscarriages. My doctor didn’t think anything was wrong but she did agree that doing a blood test was good to just make sure it wasn’t a clotting issue or anything that we could easily find. I was a little worried that I might have a genetic blood clotting issue because my father had in April had a pulmonary embolism and DVT so there was a small chance. (We just found out this past month that he doesn’t have any genetic issues)

I did get the call from my doctor on our drive down to Arizona that everything came back within normal scales. One marker was on the verge of being high but she didn’t think that was anything to worry about. So I was relieved and went to enjoy our two week vacation in AZ.

I would love to say that I fully enjoyed the two week vacation but when we were about two hours away from our final destination my grandfather passed away. We were trying to get there in time to see him but I believe it was perfect timing as my older brother was there with my mom. They both said it was peaceful and took a picture of a beautiful sunset of a beautiful life.

A beautiful sunset of a beautiful life
A beautiful sunset of a beautiful life

That meant that the following week was spent deciding on memorial services and high stress for all. I think that is the most stress my family had been under. My sister was dealing with job issues, my father had health issues, my losses, and my mother had been the care taker for her father for a long time. It was a hard week but it ended with a beautiful remembrance of my grandfather a true gentle man.

The ladies at my grandfather's memorial
The ladies at my grandfather’s memorial

While down in Arizona I also enjoyed seeing friends and had a few drinks because I thought there was no way I could be pregnant. The timing wasn’t right and we weren’t really trying. I enjoyed my favorite alcoholic drink called an adult root beer float at one of my favorite restaurants Oregano’s. It is one of those places my husband and I always try to get to.

Looking back on that trip it was what it was suppose to be. A week of mourning my grandfather who would never meet one of my children in this life but got to meet my two beautiful children that I loss. I actually cried at his memorial which I am not that emotional. Then I got a week to see wonderful friends and share good times. It was exactly what I needed in the midst of my hardest year ever.

Ready to Move

My little man is so ready to move. This past week he has gone from kind of moving to rolling and army crawling almost the whole way across the living room floor. I am a little sad because it means when I am doing household chores that I am going to have to start watching where he goes. I will have to make sure he doesn’t grab a dog toy and make the dogs upset on him.

But on the flip side it means when I set him down and he wants to stay near me or at least keep me in his sight that he won’t just fuss any more but will move with me. It is a huge milestone which means more work for me but it is a fun one.

It also means completing the baby proofing. After I finish this blog post I am going to work on the cords under the computer desk. The hardest thing is babyproofing our gas fireplace which looks like an old stove and is away from the wall so it has a gas line running to the wall. My husband says he will help with that but it will need to be done quick because before we know our son will be out of our sight when we turn around for just a second.

What has been your hardest thing to baby proof? Any good ideas for baby proofing a house that I might not have thought of yet?