Chickens can Fly!

Here is a prelude to the dog escapade that happened yesterday. This story happened on Thursday evening and it more hysterical then frustrating.

Oh and I am so glad that Dylan didn’t dig out today because it is pouring rain and I am pretty sure I would have just let him go.

So we live on a horse acre and basically it is country area even though we are very near the city. We do have a horse that is housed on the same land we rent. It is relatively a good neighborhood EXCEPT our closest neighbor has chickens.

Now the chickens themselves aren’t a problem. BUT when they don’t stay in their pen and drive my dogs crazy then it is. So their chickens and rooster wander the area right onto our land almost daily. Usually they keep to the horse pasture but they have made the way up to our front porch. Yesterday all five of them were right in front of our bedroom window. One morning I heard the rooster right out our window too. And my husband likes the idea of running them over on the driveway because they wander WAY too much.

But little did I know but chickens can fly. CHICKENS CAN FLY! Did you know that?

My husband built a fence a few weeks back which is about 8 feet tall. It usually keeps our beagle puppy in except when he pulls the wire away from the wood and digs underneath it likes yesterday. It is also about twice the height of the old fence that it replaced.

So this story starts with me wanting a treat. So I ran to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard with my little man while my husband went to his men’s small group. I get home and it is time to get my little man ready for bed which means the dogs must go out for the last time before bedtime. I hear clucking pretty close to a window that is on the side of the house but within the backyard fence. I check outside but didn’t see anything because how would a chicken be in our backyard anyway.

So I go to let the dogs out before I get David ready for bed when I hear the highest pitch clucking ever and turn to look out the back door. What do I see?

I see a ball of two dogs and a chicken run past the back door. Oh dear!! How did the chicken get in our yard!

I run to place David on the floor and grabbed my phone. I start yelling, Samson! Dylan! Stop!! I did not want a dead chicken in our yard. I see the chicken dive under our patio with Dylan right on his heels. I grab Samson and throw him inside but he quickly pushes back outside. I call my husband because I don’t know what to do. He is still driving so says he will call me back when he arrives at small group.

I go back out and get Samson again. Then call for Dylan who amazingly does come out and I grab him. Whew! I get them both inside. But now, lets see if the chicken moves if I stomp on the patio because if it can I will shew it out the gate. I hear rustling but not much movement.

Great! Now I am going to have a dead chicken rotting under our patio. I was so ready to grab David and march down to my neighbors to tell them to get their chickens off my land and keep it that way! I was SO mad.

But my husband called back. He said he wanted to do the talking and just wait. I calm down and put David to bed. My husband shows up an hour later and goes in the backyard just in time to see the chicken slowly coming out from under the patio. He shoves it out the yard where it takes off for its house squawking loudly the whole way. Well it is the chickens own fault for almost being my dogs dinner.

My husband does talk to the neighbor who basically laughs it off because promptly the next day the chickens are back in our yard. Argh!

Learned new things. Chickens can fly!

And there might be chicken soup if another flies into our yard especially now that Dylan most likely killed the one when he escaped yesterday.


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