Dogs and Babies

So my last two posts have been about my dogs so I am going to continue the theme for another day. Here is my overall view on being a mom with dogs.

I love motherhood and the joy of being a mom. I enjoy being the center of my little man’s world. I like how dependent he is one me even though I have time I need to be away by myself.

I also love my dogs. I have two and I may or may not love one just a bit more.

I brought my dog, Samson, into our marriage. My husband says it was a love me, love my dog relationship. He was still a puppy then and is now 5 years old. He is a Catahoula Lab mix and very needy and demanding.

The second dog is a beagle puppy, Dylan, who is just a year and a half. I said yes to Dylan so that my husband would have a puppy of his own before we had children. It wasn’t much before children but I still said yes to having another puppy.

With both the above said, I would HIGHLY recommend not having two dogs and a newborn at anytime. Actually I would tell anyone wanting children to wait until after the babies are grown and are independent to get a dog.

One example happened just last week. You know those treasured moments when your baby actually sleeps through the night aka over 7 hours. Well I was in the middle of a second night of wonderful sleep when I hear a big thud like a dog hitting the side of the bed as he falls off it.

It was Dylan falling off.

He then started wandering around which then woke Samson who jumped off too. Now it was 1:30am and both dogs were wandering the bedroom and WOKE me completely up. It was during a time I should be enjoying my sleep.

So my husband wrangled them in bed because we have an understanding that he takes care of the dogs at night and I take care of my little man. Well that agreement doesn’t mean I don’t wake up to the noise though. So I turn over to go back to sleep when 45 minutes later I hear another softer thud and then Dylan crawling under the bed. I think I hear him throw up but I decided I am not getting out of bed. I wanted to enjoy the long stretch of sleep.

Finally everything goes quiet and my son doesn’t wake until 5:15am. 10 hours my son slept but I got interrupted sleep due to my dogs. I did wake at 4ish because my body was saying it was time for feeding but I wait until I hear cries. I don’t wake a sleeping baby.

Now that I look back on most of the times that David sleeps through the night the dogs do end up waking me up. It is like they have a sense that it is the exact wrong time to be out of bed. Most nights they sleep soundly until well after I get out of bed.

Oh the joys of dogs and babies.

And one more thought for the day with babies and dogs. I do believe all of David’s hard toys will have teeth mark in them before too long. I seem to find a new one that has been stolen away when I turn my back. I am sure someday we will laugh about that!


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