A Laugh for the Day

Here is a little laugh for you today.

The other day I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. My husband and little man were on the floor. My little man had found a different magazine and was attempting to eat it.

Finally my husband decided to take it away from his when he tore off some pieces so that he wouldn’t eat the paper.

Then my husband picked up my son and said, “look he got a top tooth!”

I was shocked because he hadn’t acted like he was cutting a tooth but exactly the opposite. He had been pretty happy and sleeping well. But this so called tooth was highly visible.

It was also weird because it was the upper lateral incisor not the central ones which should be first. I laughed and said, “I will take him getting a tooth that easy!” I then tried to take a picture as my husband and I continued to wonder at how we missed it.

Then my husband put his finger in David’s mouth to feel it and out popped a piece of paper! His tooth was just a piece of perfectly shape paper on his gum. hahah!

We both laughed! A memory made.


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