Benefit to Breastfeeding while Traveling

There are some many benefits to breastfeeding. But last weekend I experienced and was reminded of one of my favorite benefits. The ease and comfort it provides while traveling.

Passed out on the plane
Passed out on the plane

I am so thankful for the ability to breastfeed my little man. Last weekend we traveled to Chicago for a quick two day trip. As most mom might do I was worried about throwing him completely off his schedule. Will he sleep? He is more active so how will he manage a four hour plane flight? What about the airport? Meeting new people? So many questions and worries.  We don’t have a set schedule as I let him sleep when he needs it and eat on demand but he wouldn’t have the comfort of his own home.

I just have to say that breastfeeding allowed the flight to go smoothly for us. He ate as we took off on our way to Chicago and promptly fell asleep for 45 minutes. He then was awake for the next two hours and I believe nursed between 2-3 times. This calmed him down when he got fussy or when he just wanted to be close to me. He never once made too loud of noise and annoyed any of the other passengers. He actually brought smiles from those around us. He got so many complements after the flight. I believe he was so good because of the comfort and freedom I gave him with nursing. I can’t even imagine trying to have enough bottles while on a plane.

Then breastfeeding provided a smooth way for my son to take a nap during the memorial service that we attended. I was able to discreetly nurse him when he just started fussing and he went right asleep for the whole service. It was so perfect. I am glad I am comfortable nursing him in public because it makes life so easy. Again after the service was complete we got complements over how well he did. I don’t think many people realize he fell asleep.

He slept so well all weekend either in his car seat or on me when we were out or in his pack and play back at the hotel. He only broke down for 20 minutes in a course of 9 hours of flying which happened on the flight home when it was way past his bedtime and refused to fall asleep. But he calmed down easily with nursing again. He is such a good and easy baby made much easier by breastfeeding.

I didn’t hold out on him when it looked like he needed comforting or was hungry. I know he can usually last three hours during the day back at home and longer at night but I fed on demand. I know breastfeeding gives so much more then just nourishment. It is comfort and a connection with me. It allows me to cradle my son close and calm him. I am so blessed to be able to breastfeed my little man.

I am so glad to enjoy the many benefits and glad it made traveling easy.

Enjoying time with grandpa in Chicago
Enjoying time with grandpa in Chicago

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