Weekend Moments

This weekend there were some sweet and funny moments with my little man.

The first big highlight was dressing our little man in his Sun Devil outfit for his first ASU football game on Saturday. He sure had fun at the beginning with daddy but it was a good thing he went to bed before the end of the game. Sadly we didn’t win.

My Sun Devils
My Sun Devils

Then on Sunday my little man was sitting on my lap while my husband worked on baby proofing his speakers wires but putting them around the ceiling and not the floor when he turned around and gave me a huge hug. I thought how sweet! Until I heard the burp and pulled him away and I had a huge spot of spit up on my dress. I just laughed and gave him a burp rag which he promptly threw on the floor. Guess mommy’s dress is better!

Another one from Saturday is he went down for a nap in the swing after being up for over 4 hours so I assumed it would be a long nap but he woke up after just 45 minutes. When I went to pull him out of the swing he was really chewing on his blanket. I pulled the blanket off him and saw quite a bit of blood and could see it coming from his gums. Confirmation that he is cutting his top tooth. Rough night going to sleep and was up three times on Saturday night.

But last night he slept 13.5 hours with only two wake ups at 3:15am and then 7am. He surprised me by going back down at 7am and not getting up until 8:50am. Not sure if other moms let their babies sleep in but it gave me time to snuggle back in bed then get up and get a few things done around the house. I love his surprise sleep in days.

Oh and at church when picking him up after service it was so sweet to find him asleep on the nursery worker. He doesn’t usually fall asleep on any one other then his parents. He looked so precious.

What little moments do you have from this weekend? I like writing them down so I can remember them down the road. I love my little man.


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