My Favorite Gift and Nursery Decor

I love my nursery.

It is my peaceful place and the only room completely settled in our house. It is the one room that I don’t take my cell phone into so I give my full attention to my little man. I love nursing him to sleep each night in peace.

I get the chance to look around at the nursery that I created for him. Every décor item was picked special and most are hand crafted.

But with that said I still have my favorite décor. It happens to also be my favorite gift ever so far. It was a surprise gift.

The décor is precious hand painted quilts by my older sister. She is a talented artist with paints and photography. She chose the design on two of them all by herself.

The bottom two were the surprise gifts as they were given in reminder of my two children that I never got to hold. The top painting is for my firstborn, my little man, and was given after he was born.

Hand painted by my talented older sister. All my children.
Hand painted by my talented older sister. All my children.

If you haven’t read about my two losses you can follow these links to Black Friday, and April Fool’s Day.

My sister never told me that she was painting these quilts for me as a remembrance of my losses but they arrived in the mail in August of 2014. My mom had sent me the two white frames for them but told me not to open that package until I received a package from my sister.

I remember opening my sister’s package and crying. It was so sweet. I immediately framed and put them up in my front room at my old house.

She called the one on the left in the picture “Hope” for my first baby that was due in July 2014. Then the one on the right in the picture was called “Anticipation” for my second baby that was due in October 2014.

My quilt on my rocking chair in David's room.
My quilt on my rocking chair in David’s room.

My sister also told me that she will continue painting a picture of each quilt that I make for any more children. The top painting in the picture above is a copy of my quilt that I made for my little man.

It was such a loving gift and very thoughtful. I was and am still amazed.

I absolutely love that I will always have a visual object to show that I am a mother of three even though I only hold one in my arms at the moment. I do look forward to hopefully adding to this décor in the future with more little ones in my arms.

What is your favorite décor? Did you do anything to remember a loss?


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