Airport Survival

Today I flew with my little man all by myself.

This meant planning a strategy to get through security, waiting, eating, and boarding with my almost seven month old without only two hands. I can announce we made it and with relative ease. So here are my tips for flying with an infant.

First thing keep the luggage to a minimum that you have to get through security. My husband helped get my checked bag to the counter but security was solo. I had my car seat and stroller frame. Then I only had my diaper bag and a backpack.

Hint: Backpacks are amazing things to help keep hands free. I thought about bringing a purse but that meant over one should so movement would be limited.

One of the first times I wore my little man

Another tip: Get a carrier! I had my Moby wrap and wore my little man through the metal detector. Makes it so simple. I do know that next time we fly in November I will need to move up to a woven ring sling or woven wrap because the Moby wrap can only handle so much weight. If you need more information on carriers look up your local Baby wearing International Group. They will answer questions and let you try wraps at their meeting before joining.

Then I kept getting food simple. I did Starbucks and picked a sandwich and order a tall drink. Not messy food and I can eat it easily with one hand.

My NUMBER ONE TIP for an infant thought for airport is get a play mat. I would highly recommend a Monkey Mat. I saw it on Shark Tank way back and when I last flew with my husband I used a blanket but it was enough to keep

My little man on his Monkey Mat
My little man on his Monkey Mat

my little man off the ground. The Monkey Mat is 5 feet by 5 feet and is water proof. It also is weighted on the ends and comes in a attached bag that also easily attaches to your diaper bag. Therefore you don’t have to struggle with a bulky blanket. My little man loved his Monkey Mat and I know we will use it at parks, museums, and many more places. Oh and I am not a germaphobe but the floor of airports are way too dirty to set my child ever on.

One other thing to look at to make life easier getting items through the airport or when you have to use the restroom is to have hooks on your stroller to place your diaper bag. It does make it a little back heavy so when you use it you have to keep baby and car seat in it so it won’t tip. But it made moving about the airport very easy.

Now I only gate check my car seat. I just don’t trust it going through all the baggage handling But that is me. I do know as my infant becomes a toddler I won’t be able to gate check it. This would be a decision for each individual.

Last big survival tip is to have a few snacks already in your bags. I had cashews and KIND bars but whatever you like is good. I don’t like being a captive audience and paying twice as much for food I can bring through security.

What tips have you learned from traveling with children? Any good ones that I don’t know? Please share!


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