What to do with your hair as a mom?

So I was just talking to my husband the other day. I have had a desire to get my hair cut and color for a couple months now but just haven’t made the call to set the appointment.

It has been since before my little man was born that I have been to the stylist. Now this is in two parts because I don’t have one that a love up here in Washington yet and I thought when we were in Arizona in June that I was going to see my old stylist which didn’t happen due to confusion.

Well so I have wanted to dye my hair red because it would really change things up for me. I like red hair and had dyed my hair to a copper back right after I got married. But I am not one to dye my hair often so I really want to trust the stylist I go to. Then as every new mom has to decide whether to keep her hair long or chop it off so little fingers don’t pull on it and get caught.

But my dilemma is that on Friday I looked at myself and really loved the color of my hair and how it fell. It looked beautiful so in that moment I didn’t want to call for an appointment. I was happy but then one the days I have to blow dry my hair and style it I really just want to cut it off so it goes faster.

Then another moment I get our little man’s finger caught in my hair and yanking and I am soo ready to get it chopped off. But then while nursing my son to bed he starts softly playing with the ends of my hair and I think I can’t cut it off this is too sweet.

I do like my hair long but I want a new updated style which is easier to do by just cutting it short. I also saw this article and so wanted the stacked asymmetrical bob. I think it would look great in red too.

My hair just after my little man was born. It is much longer now too.

So through all that I am trying to decide each day what to do. I think I probably need to just make a hair appointment and decide on that day what I do because hair always grows back out!


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