Leash Please!!

I have a limited area to walk with my son and dogs. We live on a street that is a dead end and connects to a busy road.

So I won’t walk on the busy road with my son and I only get about a third of a mile to walk on the street and then back.

I do love our neighborhood. It is horse acreage with houses spread out on land. Everyone I have met so far is welcoming and friendly. I usually enjoy my walks and get waves from anyone driving up and down the street.

EXCEPT there are some neighbors who don’t keep the dogs on leashes or even in fences. Really???

The worse case happened Monday afternoon.

I have made it a goal to walk my dog, Samson, every day for the past two weeks and will continue doing so. Samson has been growling and getting jealous of my little man so a dog trainer recommended walking him. If you a parent with dogs make sure you take them on walks! I can’t believe how much better Samson is now.

Samson on a hike
Samson on a hike

So on Monday I started on my walk with Samson and pushing David in his umbrella stroller. Now on the land we live in there is a horse corralled named Jasper. We had just gotten a short distance down the street when I saw Jasper coming back from his daily ride. Samson is unsure of horses out of fences so he barked at Jasper. Then right after that another neighbor had her little dog out, not on a leash, and was talking to a man on a bike.

The little dog came towards us. I expected her to call him back so he wouldn’t get too close BUT nope. The dog came right up to Samson while he was barking and fight my leash. I kept trying to control Sam and tell him to leave it but that is hard when a dog OFF leash is coming at Sam. He doesn’t like being controlled while other dogs aren’t. I had to pull Sam away from the dog because he lunged at him.

The neighbor looked at me and said, “You have your hands full.” I thought, “Yep, and you aren’t helping the situation.” So finally she called the dog back and we kept walking.

I couldn’t turn around because that would shorten Sam’s walk by half.

So we passed by her and her friend and guess what? The little dog came right back towards us. I was a little frustrated at this point. Why doesn’t she have him on a leash?

As I am pulling Sam away and telling him to leave it. She looks at me and says, “It is ok.” I said, “No, I don’t want my dog to bite yours and he doesn’t like many other dogs.”

I continued walking thinking IDIOT.

The most frustrating aspect of the situation was if by chance my dog had bitten her dog I would have been held responsible for a vicious dog even though I was being the responsible dog owner with the dog on the leash. Because I do know that my dog doesn’t get along with all other dogs.

This is also not the only incident of dogs off leash. There is regularly a dog, a yellow lab, at the very end of the road that comes running to the street barking. That has happened multiple times and the last time the dog took off down the street completely with no own in site.

My opinion is that no matter how good your dog is you should never leave it unattended. Even good dogs bite! And I am a little over protective of my baby against unknown dogs especially since he smells like dogs. You never know when a smell might set a dog off.

People keep your dogs under control! I would like to say on a leash but confined to your yard would be helpful.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever let your dog out of your sight? Or your dog go up to a strange dog?

The only time my dog has ever been out of my sight is when Dylan has dug out from the back yard.

My dogs behaving for once
My dogs behaving for once

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