Best Laugh in the World

Tonight my husband was just home for a quick dinner then back out to church to lead his youth community group. That made for extra play time with my little man.

And it was extremely fun!

I pulled out one of his bins of toys which he pulled over and starting playing. I had Steve Green’s Hide’em in Your Heart playing so I was singing along because it takes me back to my childhood. I love them because they are simple the Bible verses to music.

Well we got to God loves a Cheerful Giver so I was laughing when it laughed in the song and waving my hands. David gave a great big smile the first time then the next time a little giggle. And then the third time he was giving a great big belly laugh back to me when I laughed. It was the sweetest and best sound I have ever heard.

I kept laughing and waving my hands and he kept laughing. Sorry for no photos or videos but I was enjoying the time with just me and my son laughing.

Whenever I see my son’s smile I just melt and fall in love all over again. It doesn’t matter how tired or frustrated I am. He has given it to me a few weeks ago at six in the morning and being up didn’t matter any more. It is the first thing he welcomes me with in the morning usually. And tonight I got to spend time playing and laughing with my son.

Mothers, take time to just play and be silly with your children at all ages.

I pray that my son will look back and enjoy the time that I played with him once he can remember it. I don’t care if my house needs to be cleaned or I have a to do list. My son is what I want to pour my energy in to.


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