Ready to Move

My little man is so ready to move. This past week he has gone from kind of moving to rolling and army crawling almost the whole way across the living room floor. I am a little sad because it means when I am doing household chores that I am going to have to start watching where he goes. I will have to make sure he doesn’t grab a dog toy and make the dogs upset on him.

But on the flip side it means when I set him down and he wants to stay near me or at least keep me in his sight that he won’t just fuss any more but will move with me. It is a huge milestone which means more work for me but it is a fun one.

It also means completing the baby proofing. After I finish this blog post I am going to work on the cords under the computer desk. The hardest thing is babyproofing our gas fireplace which looks like an old stove and is away from the wall so it has a gas line running to the wall. My husband says he will help with that but it will need to be done quick because before we know our son will be out of our sight when we turn around for just a second.

What has been your hardest thing to baby proof? Any good ideas for baby proofing a house that I might not have thought of yet?


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