Arizona 2013

Well as I said in my post last week that I was busy in May of 2014 and wasn’t really in my new house. Right after returning home from my family vacation I had a week and half before traveling down to Arizona for our yearly trip. That was a quick week and half due to settling a house, walking the dogs, and learning my neighborhood.

I also went into my doctor’s office to get a blood test to do a full screen on potential reasons for my two miscarriages. My doctor didn’t think anything was wrong but she did agree that doing a blood test was good to just make sure it wasn’t a clotting issue or anything that we could easily find. I was a little worried that I might have a genetic blood clotting issue because my father had in April had a pulmonary embolism and DVT so there was a small chance. (We just found out this past month that he doesn’t have any genetic issues)

I did get the call from my doctor on our drive down to Arizona that everything came back within normal scales. One marker was on the verge of being high but she didn’t think that was anything to worry about. So I was relieved and went to enjoy our two week vacation in AZ.

I would love to say that I fully enjoyed the two week vacation but when we were about two hours away from our final destination my grandfather passed away. We were trying to get there in time to see him but I believe it was perfect timing as my older brother was there with my mom. They both said it was peaceful and took a picture of a beautiful sunset of a beautiful life.

A beautiful sunset of a beautiful life
A beautiful sunset of a beautiful life

That meant that the following week was spent deciding on memorial services and high stress for all. I think that is the most stress my family had been under. My sister was dealing with job issues, my father had health issues, my losses, and my mother had been the care taker for her father for a long time. It was a hard week but it ended with a beautiful remembrance of my grandfather a true gentle man.

The ladies at my grandfather's memorial
The ladies at my grandfather’s memorial

While down in Arizona I also enjoyed seeing friends and had a few drinks because I thought there was no way I could be pregnant. The timing wasn’t right and we weren’t really trying. I enjoyed my favorite alcoholic drink called an adult root beer float at one of my favorite restaurants Oregano’s. It is one of those places my husband and I always try to get to.

Looking back on that trip it was what it was suppose to be. A week of mourning my grandfather who would never meet one of my children in this life but got to meet my two beautiful children that I loss. I actually cried at his memorial which I am not that emotional. Then I got a week to see wonderful friends and share good times. It was exactly what I needed in the midst of my hardest year ever.


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