Me Time

I have learned as a new mom to take time for me. I love the times I get to hold my sleeping 7 month old since he fell asleep while nursing (that has happened 3 times for an hour long each this week). I love his laugh and playing with him. I definitely take time to enjoy my son but even with that I can’t forget about me.

It isn’t selfish to give yourself some time because you come back a better mom. There is a variety of ways you can have this time and I have learned it changes as the child grows.

In the first few weeks after my little man’s birth my time was basically napping because I was still learning him so I couldn’t leave him too long. And I had help from my mother and in-laws for the first two and half weeks.

Once everyone was gone I had a rough two days with multiple tears when I called my mom and she asked if I had gotten dressed for the day or taken a shower. It was past noon and I was still in my pjs holding my son. So I went a took a shower and put on make up. It was amazing how much more myself I felt.

So for the next couple of months my “me time” was just getting ready for the day even if I didn’t have any where to go. Taking a warm shower and putting on make up made me a better mom.

Another “me time” was reading books or watching a show while David was nursing. I stopped with the shows once David started trying to watch them but it gave me an outlet for myself.

Then once David had a good nap in the afternoon I started doing crafts and being creative again. I made curtains for my husband’s office and the nursery. I also made nursery décor, blankets and burp clothes for friend’s showers. I got to do a lot of things I wanted to for our house and others. I also added baking and food prep into my routine. This was my weekday “me time” while my husband was at work because I still had to be near my son.

Then once my little man was regularly going three hours between feedings I started scheduling massages occasionally on the weekend so that I could work the tension of carrying my baby all the time out of my shoulders and relax. And I got some total no baby time. My neck and shoulders thank me and I come back rested.  Also, my husband and son get a “man date” which is wonderful time for them too.

My baking me time
My baking me time

And since my little man isn’t consistent with naps at the moment so my “me time” during the week is spent in short spurts where I can do my bible study while he is down. Or I go outside and pull some weeds so that my front walk looks good.

I highly recommend to new moms to find something that is your “me time”. Whether it is just naps, Bible studies, showers, gardening, massages, reading, exercise, etc. Just do something that you did for yourself before baby. You must take care of yourself so you can spend the time you have with your children fully there.


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