So since before we got married my husband has picked on me and my family for being clumsy. We kind of joke too that it is in our DNA.

Now I am definitely not the clumsiest. That title goes to my older sister and I am pretty sure she wouldn’t argue with anyone. She has some great stories to tell.

For myself I have two good ones that happened in the past week and a half. My husband and I got a date last Sunday to go see The War Room. Side note: excellent movie and would highly encourage you to go. Back to my story now. But I had just gotten out of the car and we were heading into the movie theater when I went tumbling to the side almost into a car. My husband thought I just stumbled but I had landed on a round nut and almost twisted my ankle.

He laughed and I tried to compose myself feeling glad that I hadn’t hit the car too. My ankle was sore the next few days and my leg was even tender at my massage on Saturday. The joys of wearing high heels and being slightly clumsy.

My next story is today. The last three days I have been working on my yard because it is beautiful still and up here in the Pacific Northwest there is a time limit on hour long the sun will keep being beautiful. So I pulled weeds on Saturday. My husband moved dirt on Sunday. And today I was mowing and edging the yard.

We hadn’t done the yard in months so it was high. We also live out on horse acreage and we have moles or something that makes dirt piles all through the yard. So I was watching the dirt piles as I was mowing over them. But my electric mower stopped because I tripped the breaker so I went to the garage to move it to a different outlet so I could keep mowing and let my husband handle the breaker later.

Well lets just say a dirt hole got me. I was walking back across the yard to my mower when next thing I know I had my knee on the ground and was catching myself. I know I hit a soft spot of ground that had been a mole hill and hadn’t realized it. So I picked myself up and kept working in the yard.

I finished the front yard and it looks wonderful. I was really happy with myself and didn’t think I had hurt myself that bad until I hit the shower. Some how I knocked my other knee that didn’t hit the ground so hard that I have a bright purple bruise on the side and it has a hard knot in it. It looks like quite the shiner to the knee and it really hurts. Especially when you have a seven month old wanting to grab your leg all the time.

So much for accomplishing my yard work without injuring myself. Not quite sure why my husband lets me know hazardous jobs.

Here is to my clumsiness!


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