Milestone Day

Today was a milestone day!

What is a milestone day?

It is a day when huge things happen either with myself or with  my little man. And it was quite a day.

I realized that I must admit that I am kind of adapting to the Pacific Northwest. I am enjoying the feeling of fall in the air. The leaves are changing color. The smell of fire coming from chimneys. Fresh cut grass. The weather is cooling just a bit but still warm enough in the afternoon at 70 degrees. And I just wrote that last sentence!

I moved from Arizona three years ago and thought 70 degrees was cold. Anything below that and I would have a coat. But I went to church on Sunday with just a

My DIY fall weather
My DIY fall weather

sweater and thought it was comfortable out when it was 60 degrees. Guess I am getting thicker blood from living up here.

Also, I believe I am enjoying the fall because it is still sunny and beautiful with the cooler weather. I still dread the rainy season that is about to come upon us anytime but I will still praise God for every warm sunny day he gives us. It is such a blessing.

Now onto my little man’s milestones for the day.

First he finally cut his 4th and 5th teeth. He has been working on his central upper incisors for about a week and half and they broke through today! He now has 5 teeth at 7 months. I think I am happy he is teething quickly and it is going relatively smoothly.

Second he stood up all by himself. I put him in his crib for a nap because I am trying to see if he will take naps in there. He has shortened his afternoon naps to about an hour in the swing or on me so I am curious if he would sleep longer in his crib. Well I put the dogs out back after putting him in his crib and I go to grab the video baby monitor and I see him standing up holding onto the rail.


He has been propped by me or set down by furniture by someone but never pulled himself to standing. He did quickly fall when I saw him but he can stand/pull up on his own.

Then another milestone is he then sat up all by himself in his crib. And has since been doing that the rest of the day like he has been doing it for a week.

Little Man looking out the window
Little Man looking out the window

I am happy but this means he might not just lay down easily in his bed for bedtime. But I will see how that goes in the next few nights.

After all that he ended up falling asleep on me for almost an hour. It is so sweet holding my son but I feel like I could get so much more down if he would sleep on his own. But I will try to treasure these moments because I am sure someday I will look back and realize that was the last time and I didn’t know it when it happened.

So it has been a busy day.

Have you had a milestone day?


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