Cutest Thing Ever

My son is the cutest thing ever!

I completely understand that there is a biological/hormonal response to the mother and child relationship which causes everyone to think it is the most perfect child ever. Therefore I know I am completely bias so my son being the cutest thing ever. But today I want to talk about the action that he does that is the cutest thing ever.

So this past week my son has started jabbering quite a bit. And when he is sitting on the floor and something excites him he will wave his arm and bounce up and down with his legs bent. I love the sound he makes and the movement always brings a smile to my face. Today I told me husband that is the cutest thing ever!

Then I realized last month the cutest thing ever was when our little man clasped his hands together and moved them back and forth in front of his mouth. I just waited for him to do that.

Still shot of the cutest thing ever

Also, another time was his big belly laugh every time one of the dogs came running over to him. He would laugh and lean into my leg. The dogs were hilarious. (they still are still quite funny to him)

This made me realize that the cutest thing ever is always going to be evolving.

My little man all by himself was the cutest thing ever when we brought him home. Then it was his smile, his snake move, him being tickled, etc. You can see how the list goes on and has changed.

I am so glad that I am enjoying whatever stage he is in and not looking back missing the cutest thing ever. I look forward to what it will be in another month.

What is your child’s cutest thing ever?


Our Gender Reveal Party

Our secret to be reveal in this cake!
Our secret to be reveal in this cake!

Our biggest investment was the cake professionally made by Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell. I would highly recommend using them. I had a set idea that I wanted in that the gender color candy was to be in the middle of the cake and they worked with me beautiful. I loved how it turned out.

I then did all the other decorations by myself. Most of it was DIY. My mom helped making the pom poms when she was visiting a couple weeks earlier. But the whole house was decorated. I had games for our guests to play and plenty of food. It was an exciting day.

The sign as your entered our house. Must choose a team!
The sign as your entered our house. Must choose a team!
When you entered the house you had to chose if you thought I was having a boy or girl. I listed our the old wives tales and which way I leaned above the stickers.
All had to choose! Girl was chosen the most. Probably because that was what I wanted.

Girl was the most voted for and I think that was due to the fact that is what I told all our guests that I wanted. So they went with mother’s intuition. My husband was a little sad because he was voting for a boy.

Choose the Birth Date Game and name suggestions

I had two other games for the guests to participate in. The first was picking what day you thought the baby would be born on. There was a small amount of coins to put in an envelope for the winner. And the other game was to give name suggestions for both a boy or girl. We got some great ones but no one chose the name we landed on.

Pink and Blue took over the house


The table where we would learn what we would have!

We had a set time of 2:45pm to find out the gender because we had family skyping in to see. Our skype family included my mom, my brother and his wife, my in-laws, one of Rob’s aunt and cousins, and Rob’s good friend and his wife. And then we had a whole room of friends that joined us to celebrate. We felt honored for all who showed up to support us.

Our skype family
Our group of friends

And the results of the cake were! See if you can figure it out between our reactions.





And it is a BOY! (If you couldn’t tell from my husband’s reactions)



It was a wonderful celebration. And we were now looking forward to meeting our son in 20 weeks. A blessing from our Lord.

Bumps and Bruises

So my little man is 8 months old and crawling all over the house. He is getting to big and independent. This also means he is pulling up on everything too! I can’t believe how fast this is all happening.

But as he is becoming more independent it means he is learning what he can and can’t do. So along with independence comes a lot of bumps and bruises. Here are some of the stories just from this past week.

Last week he was trying to climb over my leg and get something off the coffee table when his hand slipped. Down he went with his forehead to the coffee table. It brought about a brief cry and a small bump. Nothing that a little comfort nursing couldn’t help.

Then just this morning he was sitting on our kitchen floor trying to get his sock off which is a normal occurrence. When he came slinging off and he whacked back onto his head on the laminate. That brought about a loud cry and tears. Dad got to him first but then it became time for nursing. This was the morning feed and comfort nursing.

And then he was trying to get up our small ledge around our gas looking wood fireplace and he slipped right down it. That was a really short cry but then he went to find his “alphabet caterpillar” and he grab the head of it. He didn’t realize the cause and effect which brought the back end of the caterpillar up to his forehead. That brought a bright read bump right above his right eye.

He also gets himself wedged under tables and chairs then tries to sit up just to

My little man while I prepped all the food
My little man exploring the house

bang his head on the top of it.

Or a funny one was when he was playing with the door stop in his nursery and he closed the door following it. But he wedged himself under his crib which was right by the door so I couldn’t open the door to help him. Luckily we have a second door to his nursery through the bathroom. But he was quite confused.

I am expecting a whole lot more bumps and bruise along with stories as he continues to learn to explore and eventually walk. I love my little man and just have to learn to kiss and hug when he hurts himself.

Do you remember any stories of when your children were beginning to crawl or walk and their bumps and bruises?

Chili Night

My little man while I prepped all the food
My little man while I prepped all the food

Today has been very busy becausemy husband had his coworkers over for our annual Chili Night. This started back with his parent’s tradition of always making chili on Halloween to share with friends during trick or treating to stay warm. So we have adjusted that tradition to be of the week of Halloween and to be with coworkers.

So my husband made two batches of chili. One that was almost his mom’s chili just with half turkey meat. Then he made a chili that my brother passed on to us which happens to be the favorite as there was only one serving left.

Crockpot Chili

I then added my touch of baking. This included a Food Network recipe of a chocolate carrot cake. Then two family recipes of corn bread and lemon bars. I might add those recipes tomorrow but I am a bit tired tonight.

Chocolate Carrot Cake
Lemon Bars
Corn Bread

It was a fun night and my little man did wonderful. He was a little unsure when the first few coworkers showed up but slowly warmed up. Then he went down for bed shortly after 7pm and has stayed asleep even with dogs barking and all the talking.

It was a very successful evening.

Any Halloween traditions that you do?

Rest Needed

I kind of wish I could go to bed right now at 7:30pm but I know I couldn’t sleep for 12 hours so it is better if I stay awake. But we have had a busy week as we got our offer for a house accepted so now we are in the stretch of loans, inspections, etc. I am praying that is all goes smoothly and by the end of the month we will have a new house.

Are we crazy for moving around Thanksgiving? Maybe crazy for still moving ahead with hosting our annual Christmas Party at our new place too?

We might be but I am excited. We have a busy month ahead of us but our little man will be a good helper.

Well this is short because I need to finish working on a few Christmas gifts because I am an earlier completer of that. And then I am going to veg in front of the tv.

What does your Saturday night look like?

20 Weeks

Do you know when in pregnancy that medically you are past the point of miscarrying?

It is at 20 weeks.

After that point if you lose the baby it is called a still birth. I believe it is just terminology but in my mind it mattered with my pregnancy.

So that is the date I relaxed the most with this third pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong that I wasn’t nervous or fearful. I counted down each milestone I hit with the percentage of survival for the baby had it come early.

First Bump Photo of Pregnancy at 18 weeks
First Bump Photo of Pregnancy at 18 weeks

Now I did decide in week 16 of this pregnancy that I was going to go with midwives in a birth center. My OB considered my low risk even with two previous miscarriages so I can switch. Birth centers will only allow low risk pregnancy. You can “risk” out of a birth center up until the baby is born.

So for my 16 week check up I went to both my OB and the midwives. By my 16 week I was off my progesterone supplements but my morning sickness stuck around until almost 18 weeks. I was so exhausted and wanted that second trimester energy that I heard about. I think in the end I only got 6 weeks of real “energy”. Most of the second trimester I could wake up, help my husband out the door for work and climb right back in bed for an hour nap. When pregnant your body is doing a lot of work.

I also did the same thing for my 20 week appointments. Since I was comfortable with the ultrasound room and tech I stayed at my doctor’s office for the anatomy scan at 20 weeks instead of going to an outside lab.

Our 20 week ultrasound
Our 20 week ultrasound

Our anatomy scan was beautiful. When we got to see our baby moving and hear the heartbeat at 20 weeks I was amazed and in awe. It is a blessing from God. My husband came to that appointment, of course!

Now we didn’t out the gender there but had the technician print up a picture and stick it in a sealed envelope. We then immediately after the appointment finished took it a baker that I had already order a cake from for a gender reveal party. We were going to celebrate this baby because it had taken so long to get here. And what better way then finding out the gender with friends and family.

The growing belly

At my 20 week mark of this pregnancy I had been pregnant a total of 40 weeks in the past year with no baby to hold in my arms.It was hard to wrap my head around that. That was a lot of hormonal changes to go through in a year but was beyond thankful to be at 20 weeks.

There was no problem with our anatomy scan. And if we made it just 4 more weeks then there was a high chance of survival even if I gave birth early. And my goal was to make it to 28 weeks because with the majority of babies survived if born at that time. I am pretty sure that was the week that my fear for my baby subsided and I was ready to meet the baby at any time.

But I finally knew in my heart that I was going to get to hold this child. I was going to get my miracle.