The Wonder of a Clean House

Today I came home from MOPs to a beautifully clean home. I have a cleaning company come in once a month just to help with some of the deep cleaning so I can have more time to focus on my little man.

The newness of entering a clean home is because today was the first time I was away while it was cleaned. It was different walking into a clean home when you left it with dog paw prints all through the entry way, beds unmade, and dishes in the sink. But now the entry looks like the picture below. Let’s see how long it last!

Paw Print Free
Paw Print Free

It is always interesting to see how the cleaners reposition items in my house such as pillows, rugs, toys, swings, etc. This time they put almost all the pillows on one couch!

Oh soo many pillows
Oh soo many pillows

And just look how clean the carpet look.

Dog free carpet for like 15 minutes
Dog free carpet for like 15 minutes
Master bed
Our little man’s bed

And then lastly it was funny to see how they made both my little man’s bed and my bed. I am pretty sure they won’t be made this way again until next month.

I have learned that after a cleaning I have to reposition a few items. The main items are my rugs. They put the wrong rugs in the door way and in the laundry room but that is small thing to change compared to having to clean my whole house.

This frees my time up to cook dinner, do my laundry and hold my son while he sleeps this afternoon.

It was a relaxing afternoon but I know for sure that will bring paw prints, dog toys destuffed around the house, and food thrown from the high chair but for a short time it is clean.

What is your one item that you outsource so you can be a better wife, mother and homemaker?


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