What’s Important?

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heave. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1.

I don’t think this is just for mothers but I think mothers have a hard time figuring out what is important. Or in another word, what are our priorities.

I know that I made sure to clean my house before my little man was born because otherwise I had been told by moms that you will sit there nursing looking at every cob web, dust, and dirt. I will say that is true and it includes laundry, dishes, dinner, and much more.

I already said that I have decided that I would let go of the cleaning by paying cleaners to come once a month to get the deep clean done. But that alone doesn’t solve the priority issue.

Today in my weekly Bible Study we talked about priorities or as they stated “Keeping the Main thing the Main thing.” I completely agree and try to keep the priorities they list. The following is the order of priorities.

– My relationship with Jesus Christ
– My husband
– My son
– My home
– Everything else

But do I always keep that priority? And how do you do that sometimes?

Today my goal was to meet my husband at our gym so we could go swimming as a family because he hasn’t gotten to go swimming with my son since June. And last time I went my son truly enjoyed the water and watching everything around. I really tried to make that happen because it would be putting my husband and my son in the right priority.

But it didn’t happen. I took my dog Samson on a walk with my son after not getting him to go to sleep for his afternoon nap and while I was walking I started getting fuzzy vision that usually accompanies a migraine for me. This meant a delay in going shopping because I wasn’t going to drive and I wasn’t sure how well my little man would let me lay with my eye closed.

I was blessed to get a chance to close my eyes while laying next to my son playing but it took about 45 minutes until it all passed. So I didn’t get out of the house for grocery shopping until past 4 which meant I didn’t get home until after 5. And once I was home I still had to put the groceries away and get dinner. Also, my husband only had from 6 – 630 to swim because he has wallyball tonight.

Well as I said we missed it. I do think I put my priorities right in the way that grocery shopping was providing for my husband so he has lunches, dinners, and the right food. And it the long run it was best for my son who is soundly asleep since he didn’t take more then a 5 minute nap since noon. But I still felt bad/guilty of not making it.

I do believe most of us women do a lot of things out of feeling guilty. But I don’t think we need to because guilt doesn’t always tell the truth. Yes, we have the ability to do a lot and keep multiple things going at once but is that the best for our family/priorities.

I challenge women to take a moment each day and focus on our priorities even if that means our list doesn’t get done and maybe not every volunteer position is filled by us. People will step up even if we don’t.

I recently had to be ok with not filling a need in our church on Wednesday nights so that my son could get his best night of sleep. I will probably go back to working on Wednesday nights once my son is old enough to attend or once my youngest is old enough. My mom told me to volunteer where my children are at and that means I don’t have to do everything. And I am doing that will being a Discussion Group Leader for MOPs and that doesn’t disrupt my son’s schedule.

Don’t be motivated by guilt or switch a lower priority with a higher priority. My home and crafts can wait behind my husband and son. I have a craft sitting on a table and it might be there for a few more weeks and that has to be ok. We all make decisions and know what is best for our family.

Keep your priorities in the right order.


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