Feeling Sassy

I got pampered today. And came home feeling sassy.

I got my hair cut and colored. Here is a picture of me yesterday:

Long enough for French braid

I haven’t had a haircut since my little man was born which means it has been about 8 months. But I was so ready for a change. I wanted a style that would be quicker in the mornings to get ready and a big change in my color.

So I booked my appointment three weeks ago and was counting down each day this week. I was ready for a style that my little man couldn’t easily grab and that would be a “style” not just a pony tail.

So here is my before picture this morning:

Fuzzy – Long straight hair

And this is what I came out with. Bright copper with an asymmetrical stacked bob. I absolutely love it.

Side view on the way home
Front View
WP_20151010_012 (2)
Back stacked view. Also the color looks different when I got home

I am loving my hair. I think in 6 weeks I will have them keep the front a tad bit longer so it is a little more asymmetrical.

Oh and my husband thinks I am sexy as a red head.

Loving the change! My “mom” hair.


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