Today has been a very productive day. And I am not quite sure how I have gotten everything done.

My little man woke up at 7:45am which is slightly earlier then normal but not by much. We saw dad off to work and then ate breakfast together. Then after that I got through a lot of my to do list.

First thing I did was weed the front walk while my little man played in his pack and play outside. He was gabbering and playing with toys. He gave me some great smiles when I looked over at him. He started getting a little fussy so I sang to him. We sang “If your Happy and You Know it”, “This Little Light of Mine”, “Jesus loves the Little Children”, and “God loves a Cheerful Giver”.

He was finally tired so I took him into the house to take a nap in the swing. While I waited to make sure he dozed off I did my Bible study then I took off to go mow the front yard and sweep the walk. When that was done I came in and he was still asleep so I did all the dishes from this morning and last night (we had friends over so they didn’t fit in the dish washer). Then I took a shower and got ready for the day.

He then woke up and we nursed and talked a bit then had lunch. And now he is happily playing and I am getting my blog done and it is only 1:24pm!

I guess when he takes a hour and a half nap I can get a lot done. I still have to go grocery shopping and walk Samson but that all looks doable. I am also working on washing his diapers at the moment.

It has been a very productive day and my little man is very happy.


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