Sleep Sleep Sleep Question

So I am trying to figure out my little man’s sleep. I think most mothers try to figure out their child’s sleep.

He was so good up until almost 6 months. He was slowly extending. He would go down at night and not wake for a feeding until midnight. Then that extended 1pm, then 2pm and so on. He was sleeping between 6-8 hours before his first feeding and usually got up for a second but then would sleep a total of 12-13 hours.

Then he hit teething, growth spurt, development, travel and all schedule of feedings disappeared. He has been waking up 2-3 times a night but there is no telling when it will be. Sometimes it is an hour after going down, other time 4, and one time in the last week 6 hours. He is excellent at going down for bed at 7pm and then doesn’t fully wake up until 8am.

So I know I don’t have much to complain about because he is sleeping. Just wakes to nurse and go back down. I nurse him whenever I hear him wake because it was/is easier for both of us. He goes right back to sleep and then I am only awake for about 15 minutes. I haven’t really wanted to ignore his cries because I am feeding on demand and it usually gives me more sleep.

But this past week due to his sporadic wake ups I have been very tired when I wake up in the morning and during the day. I am trying to figure out if I can get him back to a more predictable schedule of about 2 nursings a night that slowly stretches out. I never did put him on a schedule because I feel he knows what he needs with feeding but he is learning he can manipulate me a little.

But I really like my body being able to know when he will wake up. For a time I would wake up 5 minutes before him because he was so predictable.

My husband and I were wondering if he might not be getting enough solid food so I am going to try to be consistent in feeding him 3 meals a day. But I have no clue if that will help. I am doing baby led weaning so I don’t know how much he truly consumes but I figured giving him more food might mean more in his belly. I had only been consistent with dinner meals and whenever he was awake and I was eating for the past month.

Also, my husband suggested putting him to bed later. But he is rubbing his eyes when I finish his bath and put him down at 7pm. And he goes down so easily. So I don’t want to mess that up and it is nice having the evening time with my husband.

Anyone have any suggestions? Any way to easily schedule him at night without me losing too much more sleep? Or since I am feeding on demand just keep nursing him whenever he wakes?


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