Dinner Delight

Tonight is one of the nights that my husband doesn’t come home until after I have put little man down for bed. I was readying a few things for MOPS tomorrow morning before I got dinner ready. My little man crawled all the way from the living room to the front entry to come find me. He was getting fussy because it was dinner time (Solid food).

So I grabbed his dinner of sliced strawberries, baked sweet potato fries, and some cheese. Then I started working in my dinner. The whole time I was preparing my dinner he was just laughing at himself and the dogs. Samson kept licking his hand every time he put it down the side of the high chair. He just thought that was great.

By the time I sat down for dinner most of his food was gone. Now I wonder if it went in his stomach or the dog’s but he was delighted the whole time. I just love listening to his laugh. And I am blessed that when he is tired he gets punchy (laughing all the time) instead of crabby.

I hope he always finds such delight in himself and the dogs. I love all the laughs he has because he has many. WP_20150813_007


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