What does abundance mean to you?

The Merriam-Webster definition is an ample quantity, affluence, wealth, relative degree of plentifulness.

The definition doesn’t define of what is abundant. So my question is what makes your life abundant?

Is it the money? Friends? Time? Things? Experiences? Laughs? Gifts?

What makes your life abundant?

When I was thinking of this question I came down to that experiences and people are what makes my life abundant. I could say I have an abundant life and never live in a million dollar house, have my dream car, or many of the other things that might be related traditional to affluence.

I have an abundant life because I get to hear my son laugh at his puppy dogs. I get to tickle him so he giggles. I get to snuggle with him in the middle of the night. I get to hug my husband when he comes home. My husband and I eat dinner together and talk. I have the chance to call my mother and talk for hours during the week. I can text my sisters or brothers whenever. Also, I am able to give both my time, energy, and money to serve both my family and others. I get to be creative and share that with others.

My abundant life comes from the many blessings from my heavenly Father. I get to rest because I know where I will go after this life and no item here on earth will effect that. I can’t take an item with me. But I can share love and touch lives.

I am living my abundant life.


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