Oh Well!

When we moved to our house about 7 months ago we were excited because we weren’t going to have to pay for a water bill any more. We moved to a house with a shared well. We figured we lived in the Pacific Northwest and that we wouldn’t have any trouble with it. And we made it through our dry summer just fine so why would the fall be any problems.

Well! We had no water from 5:30pm until 10:30pm.

Our neighbor, who we share the well with, came over in the afternoon and asked my husband if we could watch our water usage as he had to prime the well three times already and the water looked low. It surprised us because it has been raining most of the week.

I was already in the middle of a load of laundry and running the dish washer. I guess between those two things that we ran the well dry again. I was shocked.

We didn’t get to give our little man a bath. And I went to bed without washing my face and only dry brushing my teeth. Luckily our landlord got it back on for us. Because one of my dogs in the middle of the night was seeking water because both of their water dishes in our room were completely dry.

It was our first experience with well running low. Hopefully today with my normal usage it will keep going.


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