To Bed Late

So my usual three hours after my son goes to bed got shortened to just two hours because he didn’t fall right asleep when I laid him down at 7pm. He cried until 7:30pm so I went in to try to rock him to sleep but his head popped right up.

And you know that alert look that means “I am not tired”. He had that!

Well so I just carried him out and we snuggled on the couch for a half hour. He patted my chest. Pulled gently on my hair. Gave me the best smiles ever. And we just had some us time. It was sweet and much easier then listening to him cry the whole time.

Have you ever done that? Just decided that bedtime wasn’t working? I think it was the right call and perfect for all of us.

What do you do when the kids don’t go to bed on time?

Oh and side question: With those with dogs – how do you keep a baby out of the water bowl? It is my little man’s new favorite items in the house and it is hard to keep him away from it. We have to have the water for the dogs.


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