Move It, Move It

My little man likes to move it, move it!

Today I put him down at his play mat with a bin of toys and before I know it he is playing with the dogs kennel across the room. The dog kennels are always fascinating to him. He can open and close the dog and try to figure out how they are held together.

WP_20151017_007The dog kennels held his attention for a bit but then he was off to check out the outlets (they do have covers on them) which didn’t keep his attention long. And next it was off to the door from the garage to play with the rug there.

And lastly, over to my husband’s desk chair to play with the levers that make it go up and down and look at the wheels. This all happened with no care where mom was. There might have also been a detour to the bottom shelf of our coffee table but I didn’t get to see that.

He is moving so fast and efficient.

Also, as my mom noted to me today, he has no care of what he might crawl over. He crawls straight over all his toys regardless of the size. He crawls over my legs, body, pillows, whatever may be in his way.

The funniest thing that he crawls oWP_20151021_17_42_47_Prover and plays with is his high chair. It is almost like a routine that after he finishes eating he has to play with his high chair. This is because I usually set him on the floor to wash his hands and face. If I leave him in the high chair he will just grab the left over mess on the tray. So as soon as I am done cleaning him he goes straight for the high chair.

He sure does love everything that isn’t his toy but it is fun to watch him explore his world.

What is your child’s favorite non toy to play with that is allowed?


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