Chili Night

My little man while I prepped all the food
My little man while I prepped all the food

Today has been very busy becausemy husband had his coworkers over for our annual Chili Night. This started back with his parent’s tradition of always making chili on Halloween to share with friends during trick or treating to stay warm. So we have adjusted that tradition to be of the week of Halloween and to be with coworkers.

So my husband made two batches of chili. One that was almost his mom’s chili just with half turkey meat. Then he made a chili that my brother passed on to us which happens to be the favorite as there was only one serving left.

Crockpot Chili

I then added my touch of baking. This included a Food Network recipe of a chocolate carrot cake. Then two family recipes of corn bread and lemon bars. I might add those recipes tomorrow but I am a bit tired tonight.

Chocolate Carrot Cake
Lemon Bars
Corn Bread

It was a fun night and my little man did wonderful. He was a little unsure when the first few coworkers showed up but slowly warmed up. Then he went down for bed shortly after 7pm and has stayed asleep even with dogs barking and all the talking.

It was a very successful evening.

Any Halloween traditions that you do?


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