Bumps and Bruises

So my little man is 8 months old and crawling all over the house. He is getting to big and independent. This also means he is pulling up on everything too! I can’t believe how fast this is all happening.

But as he is becoming more independent it means he is learning what he can and can’t do. So along with independence comes a lot of bumps and bruises. Here are some of the stories just from this past week.

Last week he was trying to climb over my leg and get something off the coffee table when his hand slipped. Down he went with his forehead to the coffee table. It brought about a brief cry and a small bump. Nothing that a little comfort nursing couldn’t help.

Then just this morning he was sitting on our kitchen floor trying to get his sock off which is a normal occurrence. When he came slinging off and he whacked back onto his head on the laminate. That brought about a loud cry and tears. Dad got to him first but then it became time for nursing. This was the morning feed and comfort nursing.

And then he was trying to get up our small ledge around our gas looking wood fireplace and he slipped right down it. That was a really short cry but then he went to find his “alphabet caterpillar” and he grab the head of it. He didn’t realize the cause and effect which brought the back end of the caterpillar up to his forehead. That brought a bright read bump right above his right eye.

He also gets himself wedged under tables and chairs then tries to sit up just to

My little man while I prepped all the food
My little man exploring the house

bang his head on the top of it.

Or a funny one was when he was playing with the door stop in his nursery and he closed the door following it. But he wedged himself under his crib which was right by the door so I couldn’t open the door to help him. Luckily we have a second door to his nursery through the bathroom. But he was quite confused.

I am expecting a whole lot more bumps and bruise along with stories as he continues to learn to explore and eventually walk. I love my little man and just have to learn to kiss and hug when he hurts himself.

Do you remember any stories of when your children were beginning to crawl or walk and their bumps and bruises?


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