Our Gender Reveal Party

Our secret to be reveal in this cake!
Our secret to be reveal in this cake!

Our biggest investment was the cake professionally made by Hillcrest Bakery in Bothell. I would highly recommend using them. I had a set idea that I wanted in that the gender color candy was to be in the middle of the cake and they worked with me beautiful. I loved how it turned out.

I then did all the other decorations by myself. Most of it was DIY. My mom helped making the pom poms when she was visiting a couple weeks earlier. But the whole house was decorated. I had games for our guests to play and plenty of food. It was an exciting day.

The sign as your entered our house. Must choose a team!
The sign as your entered our house. Must choose a team!
When you entered the house you had to chose if you thought I was having a boy or girl. I listed our the old wives tales and which way I leaned above the stickers.
All had to choose! Girl was chosen the most. Probably because that was what I wanted.

Girl was the most voted for and I think that was due to the fact that is what I told all our guests that I wanted. So they went with mother’s intuition. My husband was a little sad because he was voting for a boy.

Choose the Birth Date Game and name suggestions

I had two other games for the guests to participate in. The first was picking what day you thought the baby would be born on. There was a small amount of coins to put in an envelope for the winner. And the other game was to give name suggestions for both a boy or girl. We got some great ones but no one chose the name we landed on.

Pink and Blue took over the house


The table where we would learn what we would have!

We had a set time of 2:45pm to find out the gender because we had family skyping in to see. Our skype family included my mom, my brother and his wife, my in-laws, one of Rob’s aunt and cousins, and Rob’s good friend and his wife. And then we had a whole room of friends that joined us to celebrate. We felt honored for all who showed up to support us.

Our skype family
Our group of friends

And the results of the cake were! See if you can figure it out between our reactions.





And it is a BOY! (If you couldn’t tell from my husband’s reactions)



It was a wonderful celebration. And we were now looking forward to meeting our son in 20 weeks. A blessing from our Lord.


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