Cutest Thing Ever

My son is the cutest thing ever!

I completely understand that there is a biological/hormonal response to the mother and child relationship which causes everyone to think it is the most perfect child ever. Therefore I know I am completely bias so my son being the cutest thing ever. But today I want to talk about the action that he does that is the cutest thing ever.

So this past week my son has started jabbering quite a bit. And when he is sitting on the floor and something excites him he will wave his arm and bounce up and down with his legs bent. I love the sound he makes and the movement always brings a smile to my face. Today I told me husband that is the cutest thing ever!

Then I realized last month the cutest thing ever was when our little man clasped his hands together and moved them back and forth in front of his mouth. I just waited for him to do that.

Still shot of the cutest thing ever

Also, another time was his big belly laugh every time one of the dogs came running over to him. He would laugh and lean into my leg. The dogs were hilarious. (they still are still quite funny to him)

This made me realize that the cutest thing ever is always going to be evolving.

My little man all by himself was the cutest thing ever when we brought him home. Then it was his smile, his snake move, him being tickled, etc. You can see how the list goes on and has changed.

I am so glad that I am enjoying whatever stage he is in and not looking back missing the cutest thing ever. I look forward to what it will be in another month.

What is your child’s cutest thing ever?


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